Friday Favorites: Eats & Drinks in SF

At ABCey Events, we live this town – we know this town. The 49 square miles of San Francisco offers a prolific market for shops, parks, restuarants, bars, and more! We know each block, each view, each hidden secret spot and  pride ourselves on our knowledge of what’s cool, new, and innovative. With the summer months ahead of us, there is no reason not to branch out and experience new cuisine in the city we love so very much! Consider these top five picks for places to wine & dine or host your next get together with friends & family!


1. Dirty Habit & Bar (12 4th Street): This edgy, sultry bar-centric restaurant is a new hideaway in San Francisco’s Hotel Palomar for those seeking an innovative & sociable drinking and dining atmosphere. The menu is comprised of many shareable, seasonal items that can be enjoyed on the fully heated outdoor patio. Yes, SF another outdoor patio has arrived! 


2. The Commissary (101 Montgomery Street – Presidio): The Commissary, the new project from Traci des Jardins (Jardiniére, Mijita, Public House) is a brand new restaurant located in the heart of the Presidio and features Spanish-influenced California cuisine. Driven by sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients, the restaurant offers a mercantile with artisan goods, from batched jam to local cheeses. The restaurant is also equipped with large windows in which guests can look out onto the Main Post Lawn while enjoying a bottle of wine. This location is a unique setting for date night or catching up with friends! 


3. Chino (3198 16th Street): The team behind Tacolicious has advanced beyond Mexican food with the opening of Chino, a new Chinese restaurant. The menu spans cultures, drawing in Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and American influences and similar to Tacolicious, this restaurant offers a fun, casual party vibe. The menu of this quirky-cool asian restaurant includes pot stickers, pork buns, three kinds of fried rice, and plenty of noodle options. Nothing on the menu is over $11, making it the perfect spot for a quick snack & drink at the bar or for groups to share a bunch of different plates! 


4. Bartlett Hall (242 O’Farrell Street): Located in Union Square, complete with a brewery in the back and a large bar behind the front lounge, Bartlett Hall prides itself on quality, comfort, and craft. This restaurant and bar captures the essence of San Francisco in the form of food, drink, and good times, where guests can sip barrel-aged cocktails, house-brewed beers, and enjoy exclusively crafted bites from lunch to late night (open till 2am!). The menu features approachable, elevated tavern fare with items such as a butter burger and black garlic prawns. Bartlett Hall seems like the ultimate casual eatery to grab a drink & a bite to eat after a long day of shopping in Union Square!


5. Gaspar Brasserie (185 Sutter Street): This French restaurant is reminiscent of a Parisian brasserie with modern mid-20th century flair. There is an intimate bar and banquettes downstairs, as well as a dining room and a long bar upstairs. Located in the Financial District, Gaspar is an exciting complement to the bustling area while offering a dynamic shift in the city’s landscape of restaurants. Gaspar’s cuisine includes popular entrees such as wild king salmon and a stripped bass & scallop duo. With it’s location near the Montgomery BART stop, this restaurant is a prime meet-up location for a workday lunch or an evening rendezvous! 

Which of these restaurants will you be trying? Are you excited for another outdoor patio just in time for summer?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!


ABCey’s Weekend Lineup 5.29.14- 6.1.14

Here at ABCey, we are always excited when the weekend comes around, and we’re sure you are too!  There are some great events taking place all throughout the Bay Area, including music festivals and lots of food. No matter what you choose to do, it’s sure to be a great time!


Featured Event: BottleRock Festival | Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 1 | Napa Valley This is the second year of this feature music festival in Napa Valley including 60 bands with tons of wine, food, and beer. The lineup is sure to please any type of music taste with favorites including Outkast, Eric Church, Matt and Kim, and more! Even if the music isn’t enough for you, the signature local food will definitely draw your taste buds in. The food offerings range from sushi to barbecue, and everything in between.  Single and 3-day passes are still available for $279.


1. Off the Grid Twilight at the Presidio | Thursday, May 29th | 5-9pm | Main Post Lawn Presidio Here is a great example of why we love the Bay Area! Off the Grid is a reoccurring event every Thursday until June 26th and is the perfect excuse to leave work a little early this week. This event is free to the public and includes lantern-lit cabanas, campfires complete with relaxing Adirondack chairs, and plenty of food trucks. Come out and relax with family and friends while listening to the free music and taking in a leisurely summer evening.


2. Start Up and Tech Mixer | Friday, May 30th | 5 – 10pm | W Hotel, SF This event is a great chance to network with other individuals in the tech industry and create a shared network of ideas. We’re very excited about the Start Up and Tech Mixer which will include a variety of speakers and areas for networking with other tech professionals. It’s sure to be a great time with a wide range of participants, food and drinks, and professional development. The event keeps the best of what tech conferences offer to bring a unique tech event to the industry. 


3. Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival | Saturday, May 31st | 10am – 5pm |Gourmet Ghetto, Berkeley This event is a chocolate lover’s dream with the acclaimed Gourmet Ghetto supporting local business and art at the same time! Buy tickets for the variety of dessert offerings and then sample unique chocolate, which will include: goat cheese truffles, a variety brownies, Oreo shakes, Caribbean chocolate soup, and more. The chalk art portion will include a contest between contestants on the sidewalks and will add a fun interactive flare for the event attendees. We’re jealous of all those that will make it out to Berkeley to sample these tasty chocolate dishes!


4. Live 105’s BFD | Sunday, June 1st | 11 am | Shoreline Amphitheatre We are excited about this Sunday’s concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre for Live 105’s 20th annual BFD concert! The lineup is unique with bands ranging from Foster the People and M.I.A. to Fitz and the Tantrums. This is sure to be a fun-filled day with live music and dancing to pass your Sunday.  Tickets are still available and range from $47 for grass seating to $285 center stage. Check out the lineup this Sunday!

image_03e24050c9360db7f222173ce2b427f75. Walking Distance Dance Festival | Friday, May 30 – Saturday, May 31 | Friday @ 7:30pm & Saturday @ 4pm | Locations Vary Here is a unique chance to see dance performances outside the theatre! This weekend marks the start of the Walking Distance Dance Tour that will lead its participants throughout the Mission district watching a variety of top dance companies perform. It will be a distinct chance to view a variety of dance styles and blends of music. We’re sure this will be a great way to gain a different perspective of the city with it’s blend of dance, music, and architecture.

This weekend is guaranteed to be a great time with all these great events. The girls at ABCey want to hear what you will be up to! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.



Networking Hacks For Your Next Event

One of the main goals of most events is networking!  As event planners, we want to make sure that every attendee feels engaged, comfortable, and leaves with many new contacts.  Professional networking is a way establish personal connections,  gain information, and increase visibility for yourself, company, or brand!  This post is geared towards anyone throwing a professional event, marketing directors, and event attendees!


In the digital age, there must be a balance between in-person relationships and online relationships. In-person interaction creates more connection, but can be fostered using the every growing event technology. Attendees often spend their free time buried in their phones, keeping in touch with already made connections, and bypassing the opportunity to meet new ones. Here, we discuss the importance of networking at events, tips and tricks to make an impression, and some fancy technology that we have found helpful to help keep attendees mentally present during events!

The most effective networking approach must be two-fold, incorporating both social media and face to face networking to create powerful relationships. Face-to-face networking is very different from online networking. Online networking allows us to present the best version of ourselves, whereas in-person networking shows the whole of our brand and our person.



You should expect attendees to show up with their mobile phone in hand, or pocket, or pocketbook, or…you get the idea. So, capitalize on that! Using social media to promote an event, boost attendance, and communicate with guests is essential. The important part is making sure that guests are engaged with the event, and at the same time utilizing the tech. According to CNBC, mobile web traffic is expected to exceed desktop usage in 2014, indicating how important mobile communication is! Here are three of the technologies we are really excited about to harmonize tech with your event. 

1. snapcastr  is a web interface that amplifies engagement by broadcasting social media, which in turn helps to form a connection between attendees and their social media expression with how they experience the event. This is done by taking away the barrier between the attendee and the outside world by incorporating into the event what they would normally be looking at on their phone by using a special hash tag.

2. Guidebook is a Palo Alto based app that helps connect with your audience using their mobile device. It allows event organizers to easily and inexpensively get all event materials to their attendees via their mobile devices. This means, you can get your attendees a schedule, a map, list of sponsors, etc. right to their handheld device, and they can synch their Twitter and Facebook in order to give feedback. It’s a win win.

3. Video Name Tags are a great way to promote attendees and their company. Knowing someone’s name is a quick way to curry favor, so expanding on the basic name tag in order to give more information about each attendee will generate more interaction. 



Everyone in every type of industry should be attending networking events. These are a great way to meet new people in the industry, which can turn into prospects, and hence sales! Check out some tips that make this a breeze:

1. When meeting new people, make sure you distinguish yourself from the crowd with some personal stories, family information, compliments and lots of questions for the other party. People really respond to complements, and love talking about their families. 

2. Be who you really are because it’ll come out eventually. You might as well just be you to start with.  Each networking opportunity must be approached taking into account how those you speak with can benefit from the interaction, not only yourself.

3. Follow up with at least a couple of the people you met at the event, if not all of them. This could include a coffee invitation, or a fun recommendation about something you talked about. 

BREAKING DOWN WALLS BETWEEN ATTENDEES:freedom_breaking_through_wall_1600_clr_7817

We must structure our events to maximize interaction between the guests, so here are a few ways to help make this happen!

1. Having an area specifically for “new attendees” during the first half of your event is a great way to engage new participants, make them feel comfortable, and open up the channels for meeting and mingling

2. A great place to meet new people is at the food table. People tend to be happier and more accessible around food, and they linger at the food table. Set up the event to minimize congestion.

3. Share a list of attendees, sponsors and their companies ahead of time in order to open up the channels for networking. This will allow attendees to come prepared for networking.

Are you ready to create the perfect networking opportunity for your next event? Are there any relationship building tips that we missed? Did any of them work particularly well for you? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

Tech Tuesday: On Location Engagements

Tech Tuesday highlights the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming companies for their innovative ideas and ability to think outside the box!

Now a days, consumers expect on the spot information sent to their devices wherever and whenever. On Location Engagements is a location based content delivery system used for events. This device uses small beacons and low energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate and connect with attendees’ smartphones. It works with iOS and Android and requires no hardware or QR scanners and doesn’t require attendees to know a code! They just need the app! All the planner needs to do is upload their floor plan and information to an online system and decide where to place the beacons. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.05.50 PM

Inside of each beacon could be different information such as maps, videos, surveys, or product information. Attendees can access the information through an app and view all material. When the attendees are in range of the beacon, the necessary information pops up on their devices. This sounds like a great way to involve attendees and get them the information right away!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.05.13 PM

After the event, event planners can receive analytics of the interactions per beacon including information on number of clicks and time and length of stay at each beacon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.32.27 PM

Why We Love OLE:

  • It allows venues to come to life and makes the content enjoyable for attendees
  • It increases engagement with visitors! One of the biggest challenges during an event is getting your audience involved, and OLE specializes in engagement
  • It’s simple and intuitive! Attendees won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to access the information and its something they probably haven’t seen before!
  • It gives event planners analytics. Post evaluation of an event is extremely important and having an app to help with this process is great!

Do you think this device will work for your next event? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook Twitter!


DIY: Bright Ideas to Transform the Ambiance of Your Event

The right lighting can transform the atmosphere of an event by creating the appropriate ambiance. However, light fixtures can become extremely expensive after purchase and installation fees. At ABCey Events, we have discovered that DIY projects not only allow you the freedom to customize materials and colors to your liking, but are simple to complete without breaking the bank! With that said – grab your scissors & glue gun, and read on for five bright ideas to create appealing lighting effects and fixtures for your next event!


1. Hemp string pendant lampThese pendant lamps are a great weekend project! All you need are bouncy balls, clear drying craft glue, and hemp string.  If you use a 16’’ diameter ball you’ll need 400 yards of hemp string. For a 14’’ diameter ball – 300 yards and for a 9’’ diameter ball only 100 yards. To begin, draw a circle on the ball. This circle represents the portion of the lamp that needs to remain clear of string. Then start applying the glue and wrap the hemp around the ball. Once the glue has dried use the inflating needle to deflate the ball and remove it from the lamp. Install the wires and hardware and your pendant lamp is done! These neutral light fixtures found on Homedit are perfect for any event and can be spray-painted different colors!


2. Tulle pendant lampThis idea was found on Craftynest and is a fun light fixture for weddings or birthday parties. To create this pendant you will need 10 yards of 54’’ wide tulle, embroidery floss, a light bulb, a pendant lamp, a large embroidery needle, a rotary cutter and mat, safety pins and a straight edge. Start by cutting a 17’’ wide strip of tulle, fold the larger piece so that one side is 17’’ and the other 20’’ and you’ll have three layers. Use safety pins to secure them together. Sew a simple running stitch one inch from the edge of the fold and remove the safety pins. Overlap the right and left sides and wrap everything around the lamp. Tie a knot and insert the cord and light bulb. The fabric used for this DIY project can be substituted to fit different themes!


3. Tree branch chandelierTo make a similar chandelier you’ll first have to choose some branches that you like, clean them, remove the twigs and any loose bark. Then screw the branches together. You’ll also need some lamp cord, small candelabra sockets, some ¼ IP nipple and a light canopy. Wire the candelabra sockets together and screw them onto the nipples. Add the cord and the chandelier is complete! This project was found on Apartment Therapy and is an awesome addition to create an outdoor ambiance while being indoors!


4. Faux capiz chandelierAlthough this chandelier looks like a complex and complicated project, it is surprisingly simple and fun to make! To begin, you will need to purchase white spray paint (or any color!), ribbon, scissors, 1 or 2 rolls of wax paper, 2 big pieces of parchment paper, an iron, a hot glue gun, a circle cutter and a cutting mat. Start with a planter basket and spray paint it. Then start making the capiz shells. Cut three pieces of wax paper about the same length and place in between parchment paper. Iron them. Cut ribbon pieces and attach them to the planter basket. Attach the capiz shells until you cover the basket and it’s all done! This fixture is great in creating a retro theme and was found on Design Sponge!


5. Recycled wine bottle torchThese tiki torch light fixtures are the perfect touch to an outdoor event and are a great way to recycle those used wine bottles! You will need an empty wine bottle, Teflon tape, a copper top plate connector, a 1’’split ring hanger, ½’’ x 3/8’’ copper coupling, two hex nuts, two #10 x 1” zinc plated wood screws, 3/8’’ -16 zinc plated threaded rod, a tiki replacement wick and torch fuel. You’ll have to make a hanger first and then to work with the actual bottle. Screw the bolts in and the torch is complete! This creative DIY project was found on Design Sponge.

Will you be trying any of these DIY projects this upcoming Memorial Day weekend? Let us know which one you like best! Share the pictures of your creations with us on Facebook or Twitter!

ABCey’s Weekend Lineup: 5.23.14-5.26.14

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and we can’t wait to celebrate this great weather by attending some fun events this weekend! As usual, there are tons of awesome things going on in the Bay Area. At ABCey, we did some digging around and created a list of our top picks!

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 10.54.03 AM

FEATURED EVENT: Lightning in a Bottle| Thursday, May 22 – May 26 | San Antonio Recreation Area (Bradley, CA)| All Day | The Do Lab’s yearly campout festival has made its way up to Northern California, relocating from its previous home in Southern California. The event centers around electronic dance music, and incorporates elements of meditation, transformation, Chumash heritage and many yogis. The lineup includes Moby, Gold Panda, Phantogram, Gramatik, Little Dragon, and more. We wish we could make it down this weekend, but we’re very jealous of those that are! Have fun kids! $260 for a full weekend pass.

10277031_885172401508924_6175582007521127602_n1. San Francisco PopFest | Thursday – Sunday, May 22 – 25 | Various SF Venues | All Day | SF PopFest is an opportunity to enjoy some Indie Pop music nearby this weekend. Thursday night kicks off at the Knockout on Mission, and has other events for different ages at clubs throughout the city. The lineup sounds great, featuring The Mantles, Wimp, Fine Steps and many more. There is definitely something for everyone at this fun festival! $45 for a weekend pass.

Meteor Shower

2. Giraffe Meteor Shower | Friday May 23 | Bay Area | 10pm-12am | Studies predict this will be the most intense meteor shower in a decade! The meteors will radiate from the constellation Camelopardalis, and from 200 year old comet dust that the earth is set to pass through.  This beautiful spectacle should not be missed, so let’s hope that we have clear skies this Friday night!

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 10.26.24 AM

3. Carnaval Festival San Francisco | Saturday-Sunday, May 24-25 | Harrison Street between 16th and 24th | This festival turns Harrison street into a celebration of food, music, dance and art. The theme of the 36th Annual Carnaval SF is La Rumba de la Copa Mundial – Celebration of the World Cup – and international performances, an art car show and lots of soccer. On Sunday, there is a parade that starts on the corner of 24th and Bryant street. The event is free but donations are accepted!

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 12.16.43 PM

4. 3rd Birthday Bash for The Treasure Island Flea Market| Saturday-Sunday, May 24-25 | The Great Lawn of Treasure Island | Funcheap SF is throwing a big birthday party for the SF monthly flea market. Each month the Treasure Island Flea Market featured hundreds of local vendors, outdoor exhibits, and food trucks. The bash is kicking it up a notch this weekend with live bands, clowns, stilt walkers, fortune tellers, face painters, artists and much more. Bring the family and pets out this Memorial Day weekend! $3 admission. 


Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 11.11.19 AM

5. San Francisco International Beer Festival | Saturday, May 24 | Fort Mason Center | 7pm-10pm | This year marks the 31st year of drinking beer for a good cause so head out and sample while contributing to the proud parents of Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School. More than 100 brewers come out for great beer and an even better time. $75 general admission. 

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 10.36.51 AM

6. Stompy + Sunset – Last Call | Sunday, May 25 | Cafe Cocomo |2pm-2am | Ending their 12 year run at the beloved Cafe Cocomo, Stompy + Sunset will host a special live event featuring regulars like Solar, J-Bird, Galen and bringing in special guest star Metro Area. Come out and kick off Summer in the sunshine to see the boys off. $20 cover.


7. 2014 Forbidden Island Luau | Sunday, May 25 | Forbidden Island Lounge, Alameda |2pm-10pm | It’s time for the annual tropical bash in the Bay Area at Alameda’s only Tiki Lounge. Enjoy award winning exotic cocktails, and decadent libations at this tropical paradise, while watching Hawai’ian cultural performances, fire dancing, and music. $5 cover. 


8. Food Wagon Fandango Music Festival |Sunday, May 25 | SOMA StEat Food Park Picnic | 2pm-10pm | Gear up for this local folk, blues and country music festival featuring Cello, Doug Blumer, Parlor Tricks and other talented bands. Food trucks are always a welcomed addition, especially if they serve barbecue so check out 12 of the Bay Area’s top food trucks, and chase it down with beer and sangria specials all day! $5 admission.  


9. Burmese New Year Water Festival |Sunday, May 25 | Kennedy Park |10 am – 3 pm | Join the Bay Area Burmese community for a unique, colorful and fun celebration of Thingyan. The event will feature traditional dance performance, Burmese food, Burmese fashion and an area to play with water! We are lucky to have the chance to learn and  celebrate another culture! Free.

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 12.14.25 PM

10. Memorial Day Beer Lunch Cruise | Monday, May 26 | Hornblower’s Landing |12pm – 2pm | Enjoy a two hour BBQ lunch with champagne and beer this three day weekend, while taking in the sites from a cruise around the bay. A relaxing boat ride around the bay sounds like the perfect way to spend our day off! $73 per person.

There’s so much great stuff to do this weekend, how will you choose!? Leave us a comment below or drop us a line on Facebook & Twitter. Tell us all about the amazing events you made it to this weekend!

How to: Make Your Next Event Green!

Whether it’s a wedding, conference, or private party, going green can create a unique atmosphere as well as highlight the importance of sustainability. Finding the balance between addressing your client’s environmental and economic concerns and producing a well-organized event can be challenging. Here at ABCey Events, we have come up with 5 green tips to keep in mind when planning your next event.


1. Begin with “Green Objectives” Planning a green event doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything. Start by outlining your goals and objectives for the event. In what areas do you or the client want to encompass green initiatives? What areas might benefit from change the most? Share it with your suppliers, attendees, sponsors, as well as the speakers.

2. Go Local! Reduce distance traveled and choose a venue that’s as close to as many attendees as possible. In addition, using local catering services and local suppliers will contribute to making your event sustainable and support the local economy. In San Francisco, there are tons of great services that support green initiatives and sustainability. Do your research!

3. Save Energy and Recycle Two of the biggest concerns when it comes to large events are the amount of energy used and waste produced. Coordinating with the venue to limit the use of lights and air conditioning when the rooms are not in use can be a simple but effective request.  Also providing recycling bins around your event for participants to drop programs or papers in is an easy way to get everyone involved!

4. Use Paperless Technology Use media and electronic technology to cut down on the paper use. Create an event website and offer online registration if necessary. Advertising the event through email, web, and social media will help reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

5Get Creative! We love when events have something unique and different to offer attendees. Search around the local area for a cool “green” giveaway package to make your attendees remember your event and appreciate your sustainable efforts. 

These tips are just a few ways to set your event apart from the rest while staying green! Do you have any other helpful green ideas to incorporate into your next event? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook Twitter 

Tech Tuesday: 3 New Apps to Keep You Organized

Tech Tuesday highlights the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming companies for their innovative ideas and ability to think outside the box!

Organization is a key component in the planning process and execution of a successful event.  At ABCey Events,  juggling vendors, contracts, and schedules are a few of the tasks at hand that require management and close attention to detail.  Some of these new apps may even replace our old-fashioned binders and planners!  Here are our top 3 picks for the latest software that contributes to keeping us on track and task-oriented.


1. GetPlanningThis web-based application is a customizable project management application designed to help you save time, money, and resources. Getplanning is branded to integrate with your company’s printed and web-based collateral, which helps you file all documents and event communication in one central location. GetPlanning is a product from RoundTable HQ, and is an awesome tool to consolidate various documents and keep everything available at your fingertips!


2. Planning PodThis savvy event management software creates a visually appealing display of every step of the event planning process. Planning Pod is a timesaving tool that makes it easy to build budgets, manage to do lists, collaborate with clients and co-workers, and prepare invoices, finances, and reports. With the bright colors and fun design, this app is great and easy way to display the planning process to potential clients.


3. TrackoladeThis awesome collaboration software creates a shared online workspace where team members can create and assign tasks, share and discuss documents, and track progress in real time. This app also allows files to be linked with a task or attached to a conversation, which creates a complete streamline of real time communication. Trackolade makes it easy to receive input from coworkers and instant message about ideas.

Do you use an event management app to keep your event planning process more organized? Which software app looks most appealing to you?! Let us know in the comments below or on  Facebook & Twitter!

Startup Monday: AirHelp

Startup Monday is ABCey’s weekly post that features some of the best and brightest companies in the Bay Area. They are often companies that we have our eye on or have worked with in the past & would like to share with friends and followers of ABCey Events.

Let’s give a warm welcome to San Francisco to a long awaited startup idea, AirHelp. The best apps are the ones we didn’t think we needed, but after genius’  like AirHelp’s founders Henrik Zillmer, Nicolas Michaelsen, Greg Roodt and Morten Lund create it, we don’t know how we lived without it. That’s exactly what AirHelp did for the commercial airline industry!

We aren’t the only ones who think so. AirHelp opened it’s San Francisco office in March after helping tens of thousands of clients in Europe last year, and last weekend beat out more than thirty other tech-startups for a Cloud computing technology called Spark at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas (Congratulations)!


The aviation, law and technology experts at AirHelp are using their skills working for the wary traveler. AirHelp gets people the money they are owed by airlines from their cancelled, overbooked or delayed flights. Users fill out a quick form on the website, and the company does the heavy-lifting needed to make the claim go through. If successful, AirHelp and the user get paid. We think this will be very successful to help busy American’s get the most of their travel experience. 

Hopefully you don’t have to this use regularly, but here at ABCey we can definitely appreciate how great it’s going to be to have an app on our side for our next travel nightmare. The skies the limit when traveling becomes one step easier! Check them out here

Do you think you would try out this app in order to get back that extra couple hundred? Please let us know in comments on Facebook and Twitter!

How To: Turn Your Next Event Into a Branding Machine!

Nowadays, we’re seeing much more purpose, meaning and objectives behind events, and they aren’t just an excuse to throw tons of money around. Don’t get me wrong, we’d welcome the days of parties, but typical reasoning behind throwing most events is to create some kind of lasting impact with specific goals in mind!


One of the challenges of event planning is finding a way to create and sustain buzz and anticipation around an event, to capture attendees’ energy, and to use it to grow the brand exponentially.  Simply put, branding an event properly should create the momentum needed for attendees to “want” to come, to view the event as the “place to be,” and to spread the word before, during, and long after. What does branding really do? It separates you from the competition, and creates loyalty and awareness. It increases ROI (return on investment) and ROO (return on objectives), and builds equity.

Here are 5 steps to follow when you are ready to turn your next event into a branding machine, and to learn how to leverage the power of a shared experience!


1. Know your client and their goals: First things first. Identify the clients vision and figure out what they want to get out of throwing this expensive event! The vision is “the big picture” of what impressions, and memories you want to leave in your attendees’ minds. Decide on a theme and begin to give it some personality!


2. Start from the ground up:  We all know that events begin the moment an attendee gets an invitation and continues to create memories that last a lifetime! A catchy and unique name is key, so make it stand out! Once you do have your name, get a domain name with .com extension. A unique brand requires a unique online presence. Plus, it’s easier to remember and give out to people. Connect your brand to your audience right off the bat!

RSA Conf_INV landing page

3. Graphic Design: Brand identity encompasses several things: logo design, color palette, website design, and collateral materials such as programs, brochures, signage, gifts, gobos, napkins, centerpieces, presentation templates, clothing and event surveys. Compelling design and social integrations are critical and can extend the lifespan of the event. This is an opportunity to prompt emotional responses from your attendees. Use your vision to create synergy and a consistent marketing message which can be carried throughout. A good program with valuable content is also clearly important, but how it is all presented is right up there!


4. Engagement: Engage in a conversation and listen to what your audience is saying, and the dialog will be key to building your brand. It is increasingly more important for your brand to be social, so engage people on social media platforms by starting conversations. Let your brand speak, and be sure to request feedback post event, and to submit questions while still in the planning stage.


5. Offer Something Unique: Your brand needs to offer something that your competitors don’t. Keep way on top of current industry trends and technology to figure out new ways to showcase your brand (whether it be through interactive displays, or 3D projection mapping. Interaction is paramount and so much can be done here- take it to the next level!

Are you ready to plan your next branding machine? Remember, it is about creating an event that not only meets its strategic objectives, but creates an environment that supports those objectives in a fun and memorable way! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or on Facebook & Twitter!