ABCey Presents: Tips for a Smooth Site Selection Process

Site selection for events can be a challenging and tedious process. However, by accomplishing the right steps, you can find the best venue for your client. ABCey has curated a list of tips for a smooth site selection process that we use to pick the perfect venue!

Make an Initial List of Sites

brainstorming - site selection

The first step in our site selection process is doing a general brainstorm of sites that seem to fit the needs of the client. Consider the location, number of guests, and venue-type when compiling the list. Leave no stone unturned and make sure you’re getting a variety of different venues. This makes your client feel like they have options and will show them that you’ve considered everything.

Create a Master Spreadsheet for Your Client

master spreadsheet - site selection

After making an initial list of sites, create a master spreadsheet with a Site Selection tab. This should incorporate all the venues you found and important information about each venue, including pros and cons. For each site, include information on availability, contacts, venue size, location, pricing, and information about the space. Make sure the client can quickly and easily see what the venue has to offer!

Put Together a Style Guide

style guide - site selection

After the master spreadsheet has been shared with your client, it’s helpful to make a style guide with the key information and images for each of your top picks.

Send an RFP to all of Your Top Venues

RFP - site selection

An RFP (request for proposal) allows you to easily communicate your event needs to outside vendors. By sending your RFP to the various venues you’re considering, you can get a clearer idea about the availability and pricing for each site. This will help you narrow down your choices. Here are some tips on creating the perfect RFP!

Set Up a Review With Your Client

Call with a client - site selection

The next step is setting up a time to chat with your client over the phone or in person to go through each venue. From there, you’ll be able to get a better sense of which sites you can eliminate and which ones are worth visiting in-person.

Go on Site Visits to Check Out Top Venues

site visits - site selection

Once you and your client have picked your favorite venues, make sure to visit them in-person. This can help you decide if they’re the right fit for your event. There’s no better way to get a sense of the venue and their ability to meet your needs then to set foot on the actual grounds!

Make Your Final Decision

make final decision - site selection

Hopefully the in-person site visits will help you identify your absolute top venues, so you can decide on the one you want to go with. Once you accomplish this, you can start working on the fun stuff, like figuring out event decor and can move forward with your chosen venue!

Which site selection tips did you find to be most helpful?

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Friday Faves: SF Event Venues – Bimbo’s 365 Club

San Francisco is an event planners paradise. Being such a beautiful and vibrant city, there are a myriad of unique venues to choose from when it comes to planning your next event. Here at ABCey Events, we want to highlight and share some of our favorite local treasures!

Bimbo’s 365 Club has been a San Francisco landmark for the past 65 years. Originally opening on Market Street in 1931, it was established after the Great Depression to revive the spirit of San Francisco and bring fun back into the hearts of the people. Moving to its current location on Columbus Ave in 1951, it quickly became known as the hottest nightclub in town. Today, it’s a sought after venue for special events, private parties and concerts.


Step inside and you’ll immediately feel like you’re transported back in time to the golden age of entertainment. Designed with Art-Deco influences, the venue is dripping with elegance and class.


Surrounded by lush velvet drapes, the showroom showcases terraced dining platforms with tiered seating and elegantly draped tables topped with glowing candles.


They boast a full production stage with theatrical lighting, a front of house sound board that produces state-of-the-art sound and a large dance floor. They also host a bar, full kitchen available to caterers and valet parking upon request. With a capacity for up to 685+ for private parties or receptions and between 150-475+ for dinners, this venue is sure to meet all your event needs.


Clearly, it’s not hard to see why Bimbo’s 365 Club is one of our favorite venues. With its timeless decor, state-of-the-art amenities and incredible seating capacity you’re sure to wow every guest at your next event. Let ABCey know if you’d like help planning your next event there!


Wouldn’t you love to plan your next event here? Also, what are some of your favorite San Francisco treasures? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter !