Sustainability At Your Next Event- 5 Must Try Tips!

ABCey Events knows how important sustainability practices are- so here, green is the new black! We’re sharing our top 5 favorite sustainability tips for you to try at your next event!

1) Go Mobile

It’s time to ditch those age old paper programs at your next event and go mobile instead! Create an app for your event that will still provide all the same helpful info about your event, but is environmentally friendlyYou’re now sustainable AND showing people how tech savvy you are!  There are tons of websites to help create your own app, but our favorite is AppMachine!

Create your own event app

2) Eliminate Waste

Forgo the paper plates and plastic utensils at your next event and try using chic reusable plates and silverware instead. Not only will you reduce the amount of waste produced, but it will also amp up the level of quality of your event! Not ready to bite the bullet yet in purchasing reusable china? Try out these eco friendly wooden options instead!

wooden reusable untensils and plates


3) Be Selective

It is important to remember that where you choose to host your event matters! Try to choose locations that are LEED certified with sustainability initiatives already in place. One of our favorite green venues in SF is The Hall, which provides all locally produced food and beverages! 

The Hall San Francisco

4) Consider The Timing Of Your Event

If possible, hold your event during the day to save on energy required by artificial lighting. If it’s unavoidable, try using LED lighting instead- using LED lights can help reduce your carbon foot print up to 70%! Just because it’s energy efficient lighting, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can have almost all the same lighting effects using LED as you would with normal lighting, so there is no reason not to make the switch!

LED lighting at event

5) Sustainability in Spirits

As if you needed another reason to love happy hour… what if all your favorite drinks were now locally grown, organic, and made with seasonable products? Now they can be! By making a few simple changes, your happy hour just became a whole lot more sustainable. Add a whole new element to cocktail hour at your next event, and show your attendees how easy it is to go green!

Sustainability focused organic cocktails


Have any other ideas to make an event sustainable? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and on Twitter!


How to: Make Your Next Event Green!

Whether it’s a wedding, conference, or private party, going green can create a unique atmosphere as well as highlight the importance of sustainability. Finding the balance between addressing your client’s environmental and economic concerns and producing a well-organized event can be challenging. Here at ABCey Events, we have come up with 5 green tips to keep in mind when planning your next event.


1. Begin with “Green Objectives” Planning a green event doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything. Start by outlining your goals and objectives for the event. In what areas do you or the client want to encompass green initiatives? What areas might benefit from change the most? Share it with your suppliers, attendees, sponsors, as well as the speakers.

2. Go Local! Reduce distance traveled and choose a venue that’s as close to as many attendees as possible. In addition, using local catering services and local suppliers will contribute to making your event sustainable and support the local economy. In San Francisco, there are tons of great services that support green initiatives and sustainability. Do your research!

3. Save Energy and Recycle Two of the biggest concerns when it comes to large events are the amount of energy used and waste produced. Coordinating with the venue to limit the use of lights and air conditioning when the rooms are not in use can be a simple but effective request.  Also providing recycling bins around your event for participants to drop programs or papers in is an easy way to get everyone involved!

4. Use Paperless Technology Use media and electronic technology to cut down on the paper use. Create an event website and offer online registration if necessary. Advertising the event through email, web, and social media will help reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

5Get Creative! We love when events have something unique and different to offer attendees. Search around the local area for a cool “green” giveaway package to make your attendees remember your event and appreciate your sustainable efforts. 

These tips are just a few ways to set your event apart from the rest while staying green! Do you have any other helpful green ideas to incorporate into your next event? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook Twitter