The right lighting can transform the atmosphere of an event by creating the appropriate ambiance. However, light fixtures can become extremely expensive after purchase and installation fees. At ABCey Events, we have discovered that DIY projects not only allow you the freedom to customize materials and colors to your liking, but are simple to complete without breaking the bank! With that said – grab your scissors & glue gun, and read on for five bright ideas to create appealing lighting effects and fixtures for your next event!


1. Hemp string pendant lampThese pendant lamps are a great weekend project! All you need are bouncy balls, clear drying craft glue, and hemp string.  If you use a 16’’ diameter ball you’ll need 400 yards of hemp string. For a 14’’ diameter ball – 300 yards and for a 9’’ diameter ball only 100 yards. To begin, draw a circle on the ball. This circle represents the portion of the lamp that needs to remain clear of string. Then start applying the glue and wrap the hemp around the ball. Once the glue has dried use the inflating needle to deflate the ball and remove it from the lamp. Install the wires and hardware and your pendant lamp is done! These neutral light fixtures found on Homedit are perfect for any event and can be spray-painted different colors!


2. Tulle pendant lampThis idea was found on Craftynest and is a fun light fixture for weddings or birthday parties. To create this pendant you will need 10 yards of 54’’ wide tulle, embroidery floss, a light bulb, a pendant lamp, a large embroidery needle, a rotary cutter and mat, safety pins and a straight edge. Start by cutting a 17’’ wide strip of tulle, fold the larger piece so that one side is 17’’ and the other 20’’ and you’ll have three layers. Use safety pins to secure them together. Sew a simple running stitch one inch from the edge of the fold and remove the safety pins. Overlap the right and left sides and wrap everything around the lamp. Tie a knot and insert the cord and light bulb. The fabric used for this DIY project can be substituted to fit different themes!


3. Tree branch chandelierTo make a similar chandelier you’ll first have to choose some branches that you like, clean them, remove the twigs and any loose bark. Then screw the branches together. You’ll also need some lamp cord, small candelabra sockets, some ¼ IP nipple and a light canopy. Wire the candelabra sockets together and screw them onto the nipples. Add the cord and the chandelier is complete! This project was found on Apartment Therapy and is an awesome addition to create an outdoor ambiance while being indoors!


4. Faux capiz chandelierAlthough this chandelier looks like a complex and complicated project, it is surprisingly simple and fun to make! To begin, you will need to purchase white spray paint (or any color!), ribbon, scissors, 1 or 2 rolls of wax paper, 2 big pieces of parchment paper, an iron, a hot glue gun, a circle cutter and a cutting mat. Start with a planter basket and spray paint it. Then start making the capiz shells. Cut three pieces of wax paper about the same length and place in between parchment paper. Iron them. Cut ribbon pieces and attach them to the planter basket. Attach the capiz shells until you cover the basket and it’s all done! This fixture is great in creating a retro theme and was found on Design Sponge!


5. Recycled wine bottle torchThese tiki torch light fixtures are the perfect touch to an outdoor event and are a great way to recycle those used wine bottles! You will need an empty wine bottle, Teflon tape, a copper top plate connector, a 1’’split ring hanger, ½’’ x 3/8’’ copper coupling, two hex nuts, two #10 x 1” zinc plated wood screws, 3/8’’ -16 zinc plated threaded rod, a tiki replacement wick and torch fuel. You’ll have to make a hanger first and then to work with the actual bottle. Screw the bolts in and the torch is complete! This creative DIY project was found on Design Sponge.

Will you be trying any of these DIY projects this upcoming Memorial Day weekend? Let us know which one you like best! Share the pictures of your creations with us on Facebook or Twitter!