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Tech Tuesday: Watsi

The world is constantly experiencing change due to advances in technology. With the 7th Annual Crunchies Awards just a week away, we decided to reflect on companies that made the biggest impact in 2013. Watsi came right to mind. The global crowdfunding platform for healthcare enables anyone to donate in order to directly fund life-changing medical care for those in need.

The idea was developed by co-founder Chase Adam when he was visiting Watsi, a small village in Costa Rica. Chase noticed that while he was riding a bus through the village, a woman was walking through the isle holding a red folder and speaking to the passengers. The woman had a picture of her son who had an incision across the width of his stomach. Chase realized that although the bus passengers could help, what if he could connect the woman with his friends and family back home?

The story of how this idea came to live is truly an inspiration, and has motivated many to donate to people in need. Watsi thrives on a few core values: impact, innovation, efficiency, and transparency. The overall goal is to fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for a million people in need.  Here is a breakdown of how the donation process works:

1. Connect. Browse different profiles on Watsi.org and connect with a person in need that you would like to support.

2. Fund Treatment. Make a donation of any amount you choose, as little as $5 can go a long way. This will fund a life-changing medical treatment for helping the person of your choice.

3. Get an Update. Not only can you fund a patient. Watsi goes even further. Receive an update about the outcome of the treatment you funded. You can directly learn about the difference you made in one’s life.

Watsi has an empowering vision: A world where people no longer die from conditions that society has the knowledge, resources, and power to treat. This non-profit startup is bringing the world together and giving us access to become connected with those in need.

We are seriously impressed with this platform and the social impact it has made! What do you think of Watsi? Let us know in the comments  below or on Facebook & Twitter!