Sometimes a picture doesn’t seem to be enough to capture a moment, and neither do 1,000 words. Hi is an app that gives you the chance to combine both! We saw that Hi was nominated for a 7th Annual Crunchie Award, and were curious to learn more about the young San Francisco based start up.

With Hi, you can snap pictures and write phrases to document your event in real time called ‘sketching’, but here’s where we think it gets really good. Users have the option to return to posts and elaborate on them, so that one image or phrase becomes woven into a larger story, the big picture. If a community member identifies with your writing, they can subscribe to your moments similar to a newsfeed.

Where Hi differs from all of the current social media platforms available is its specific tailoring to long form writing. With an interface specific to long form with editing capabilities you can be sure to customize your long form to truly reflect your style of writing. What’s even better? An auto save feature that almost guarantees your work is safe in case of an accident.

Hi can be used to sketch and elaborate on your events, sharing them with a different, inspired community of people who gravitate towards a style of writing not catered to by other social media platforms. Currently Hi is still invite only, but registration is free and they are expanding every day!

What do you think of the new long form style of social media sharing? Let us know below in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!