#TechTuesday highlights the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming technologies for their innovative ideas and impact on the event world!

Proud app Logo

Proud app is the solution to the busy person’s time management woes. It assists you in making sure that every aspect of your life is in order, utilizing features such as lists, reminders and timers. It helps to increase your efficiency so you can spend your time more wisely, making for a more productive, stress-free life.


When last minute ideas or thoughts pop in your head, you can quickly jot them down in the app so that nothing is ever forgotten. You can even create custom categories and sub-categories so even those miscellaneous ideas are organized. Have one big task that needs to be completed? You can break it down into small chunks, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time, making tasks easier to accomplish before the day is over. You can also choose at which time of day (i.e. morning, afternoon or evening) you would like to be reminded to complete certain tasks.




Using the timers feature helps you to dedicate your focus to one task at a time. Once you complete a task, give your brain some much needed rejuvenation by scheduling a timed break as well. Wanting to develop and maintain better personal or professional habits? Set custom reminders (i.e. every Sunday or every 1st Friday of the month) for tasks/goals you are wanting to complete consistently.


tripletA cool feature about this app are Superpowers. Utilize the “Destress” Superpower in the middle of a stressful situation to just take a moment to breath and collect your thoughts. When an hour or day off from your sometimes overwhelming to-do list is needed, use the “Give Me More Time” Superpower to reschedule or postpone your tasks. The “Travel Back In Time” Superpower allows you to see your progress from the last couple of weeks or month.

Why we love Proud: It’s not just your average time management app; it helps give you a clear vision for your life. It’s extremely customizable, so it feels personal. It stresses the importance of time management but it also supports and encourages you to take personal time for yourself, outside of your work world. As busy event planners, life often seems like one giant to-do list. This app helps with creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, allowing for a more productive and enriching life.

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