Tangled wires, bulky cables, heavy soundboards? No thank you! We understand there’s a lot going on during an event and music is always a must. But, providing music at an event can quickly become complicated if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional DJ. Luckily, the new Bluetooth speaker The Vamp, makes this easier.

The Vamp gets its name in its mission to “Revamp” old speakers. In its most basic form, The Vamp is a sound receiver that is portable, stylish, and affordable for any event that is in need of a quick background music fix. The concept is simple: it connects to any speaker (old, new, small, or large) through an audio cable and plays music from the nearest Bluetooth device such as your smartphone or laptop.

The high quality of sound is not compromised by its low price and it supplies its own energy source with a built-in battery that eliminates an annoying external power chord. The tiny size also allows it to host special events or simply tag along to a friend’s house for a jam session. What we love most about The Vamp is the fact that its inner magnetic bottom allows it stick onto any metal surface – quirky and useful! 

The Vamp is revamping not just old speakers, but also music production at events! What do you think about The Vamp? Will you be testing it out? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!