Tech Tuesday highlights some of the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming companies for their innovative ideas and ability to think outside the box!

Choosing the right alert sounds for your phone can be pretty difficult. Some people like the longer tones, others like shorter ones. Some people like classical music tones, others might like a simple beep. Well, the days of hearing these alerts may soon be long gone. Thanks to some creative minds in Japan, they’ve come up with a device that releases different scents for each notification your phone receives!

This device, cleverly named Scentee, plugs directly into the headset of any smart phone. It works in conjunction with another app that tells it to spray a scent when the notification is received. There’s already a ton of scents available with the device such as lavender, mint, and rose, to cinnamon roll, corn, and even Korean BBQ!

Users can customize when the scents will be emitted too. It can be programmed to go off according to texts, alarms or Facebook alerts. Each model of Scentee is said to have 100 bursts of scents with only $5 refills. The company’s latest video features this device in a typical Japanese soap opera style. Watch it below and let us know what you think! Leave us a comment or visit us on Facebook & Twitter.