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Whether they’re on your way home from work or part of your Saturday morning routine, farmers markets are the preferred grocers of choice for Bay Area locals. That’s why we love that LolaBee’s Harvest is bringing us the very best farm-fresh food right to our doorsteps!

Every item for sale, from the eggs to the eggplants, is locally, humanely, and ethically produced. You can either stuff your online cart with grass-fed meats and organic veggies or order a LolaBee’s Harvest Box filled with seasonal goodies. The best part: LolaBee’s brings small-town farmer’s market quality into the e-commerce game. You order on the weekends, when most farmer’s markets take place, and in a few days your groceries are delivered straight to your doormat. If you’re not home, don’t sweat it. LolaBee’s Harvest uses insulated packaging to keep your groceries cool for hours.


LolaBee’s Harvest is a business using technology to both progress society while bringing us back to our roots. (Pun not intended!) American demand for local and unprocessed foods has never been higher and farmer’s markets are trending in cities of all shapes and sizes. LolaBee’s is fulfilling this large market’s needs while appealing to the schedules and availability of a busy, online world. In other words, this business is both local and sustainable (pun definitely intended!)

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