The number one rule that was firmly embedded into our minds as we entered college and the bar scene was to never leave your drink unattended and return to it later. We’re told that you never know what someone can put in it, and to be careful even if you don’t feel like your personal safety is threatened because there’s always the chance of getting a drink that might not have been “meant” for you. But luckily, now you can purchase Drink Savvy products that will tell you whether or not your drink has been tampered with!

Although it is not everyones favorite thought to contemplate if there’s a creeper nearby who may be waiting for their perfect opportunity to slip you something, it would at least make you feel better to know for sure whether or not your drink is safe. And just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about–males have been known to encounter a drugged drink by accident AND on purpose! Drink Savvy products change color when your drink has been tampered with, immediately letting you know that your drink should be thrown out. The Drink Savvy products include plastic cups, glass cups, and straws. 

What a way to ensure safety to customers at a bar! Or, to let all of your event attendees know that they’re in a safe environment. What do you think of Drink Savvy? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!