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Having events are always fun, but juggling between being a host and a bartender can be overwhelming. Add on loud music, with talkative guests, and you’re bound to mix a wrong drink or two. Luckily there’s a robot, (yes, robot!) that can help rectify your situation. Introducing Bartendro – a cocktail dispensing robot. 

The Bartendro is a robot that can mix over 50 different cocktails. It uses a router board, which is linked to peristaltic pumps. These pumps dispense a certain amount of liquid with each rotation of the motor. Each cocktail is said to be made in about 10 seconds. With tons of drink orders to take, time is really of the essence. 

The great thing about this is how hosts can set up drinks ahead of time. Now when their guests are ready, all they have to do is connect their phone to the Wi-Fi network. Once connected, guests can actually use their phones to order their drinks through the Bartendro ordering page. 

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