Tech Tuesday highlights the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming companies for their innovative ideas and ability to think outside the box!

As #eventprofs, we understand that one of the major goals of conference planning is attendee engagement! Whether it be before the conference begins, during the Q&A, or a post-event evaluation; we must continue to elevate the experience. We’ve found 3 great new apps that will help increase engagement for your conference throughout!


Before:  Topi | During large conferences, it can be daunting to look around a convention center without knowing many individuals. At events, Topi is synced to include the individuals attending the conference and split people into different categories. Before the guests arrive on site, they will have access to the Topi app to identify the most relevant individuals attending. The app allows guests to expand networks and be better prepared to meet others!

Crowd-Mics-Logo-_cropDuring:  Crowd Mics | Suddenly the long Q&A session at the end of a speaker session no longer seems as dreadful! Crowd Mics is an app that will turn a smartphone into a portable microphone that can be heard through a room’s sound system. It also has the ability for text commenting, for those individuals less willing to share. We love how Crowd Mics is engaging audiences and creating greater interaction between guests and speakers!

imgresAfter: waggl | One tough issue we face as event planners is gaining feedback from conference attendees post event! This new app allows planners to pose a question to guests, who can then respond on mobile devices. Once an attendee anonymously responds to the question, they can vote on responses by other guests to the same question. As more votes are tallied to the question, a leaderboard is formed to show the top 5 responses to the initial question. This type of feedback will garner new insights for the future as guests are able to give responses in a fast and helpful manner! 

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