Are you hosting a Super Bowl XLVII party? Undoubtedly, some of your guests will have their eyes glued to the screen mesmerized by every play. Others, I’m sure, will be staring at their phones in mid-Tweet or Facebook post and waiting for the (not-so) amazing commercials or Halftime Show. ABCey has compiled a list of our Top 10 Superbowl apps that will link what you’re seeing on your television screen to your phone screen! 

1. NFL Mobile: This app lets you view every play of the game, and if you’re wise enough to have Verizon Wireless, you’ll be able to stream games live on your mobile device courtesy of the NFL and NBC.  This is particularly useful if you need to go on a beer-and-chips run before halftime, or if you want to set your living room up with multiple screens.

2.  Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials: This app is perfect for those who love the commercials just as much as the game (if not more). You can instantly replay the best commercials throughout the game.

3. Are You Watching This?!: Just in case you find yourself away from the TV during the game, this free Android smartphone and tablet app will let you know if the losing team is mounting a historic comeback. Depending on what cable or satellite TV provider you use (also available for Google TV), the app will actually change the channel back to the game (if you set it up this way). It’s also just great for any smaller, day-to-day sporting events that might not always be on your radar.

4. A+ Super Bowl Commercials: Similar to the previous app, this app compiles all the best Super Bowl ads in one place for your convenience. Sadly, it’s only for iOS users. 

5. Official SB XLVII Guide: This official guide to Super Bowl XLVII from the NFL is packed full of interesting content and features. It’s most useful for those attending the game, for  information about local nightlife and restaurants in Indianapolis, and ability to find your seats in a virtual tour of the stadium. But- even if you’re not going to the game, you might use this app to experience what it would be like if you were there!

6. NFL Logos: Show your loyalty for your favorite football team by downloading this app, which has 96 graphics, featuring the official logos of all 32 teams of the National Football League. 

7. Super Bowl PredictorIf you like to make the game a bit more interesting by laying some wagers on it, this is the app for you. You’ll be able to assess the odds of outcomes, get guidance, and see important information that can affect your wagers (like injuries).

8. Madden NFL 13Can’t wait for the Super Bowl game to begin? Download this app and jump into immediate on-field action. This app lets you choose from the 32 NFL teams and battle it out in their true-to-life stadiums. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team.

9. 49ers Gameday Live49ers Gameday Live will allow fans at Candlestick Park, through a Wi-Fi connection, to view multiple camera angles and watch the NFL RedZone channel live on their phones. All fans will have the ability to follow real-time statistics (including drive-by-drive stats, box-scores, standings and player statistics) and catch the latest news and twitter feeds on the team, regardless of their location.

10. Baltimore Ravens Mobile App: Catch breaking news of the team, see real-time statistics for every drive, watch video-on-demand clips of press conferences and player interviews and follow post-game blogs and pre-game previews of the matchups.

Which of these game day apps will you be using on Super Bowl Sunday? Are there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook & Twitter!