Wearables You’ll Want To Wear

With the iWatch on the scene let’s face it, wearables are becoming quite the hot commodity. But instead of the clunky futuristic looking gadgets lurking out there, why not try on something you can actually…well wear! ABCey Events would like to introduce you to our favorite wearables of the moment, both on the market and coming soon!

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MICA Bracelet

The MICA bracelet, or My Intelligent Communication Accessory, is a beautiful gadget, combining elements such as semi-precious gems and water snakeskin with cutting-edge technology. The style comes in both black and whites and features a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display. On the bracelet, users will be able to receive alerts, SMS messages, and other general notifications, right on your wrist! The MICA is not yet released so many other functionalities of the bracelet are TBD. But no need to worry, MICA bracelets will arrive on shelves this holiday season at select Barney’s and Open Ceremony stores!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.27.40 AMThe Everpurse

Shooting to the top of our wishlists this Christmas has got to be the 2015 Everpurse, posing as a sleeker more versatile version of it’s predecessor. As a clutch, rather than a wristlet the Everpurse will be able to store daily essentials such as sunglasses, beauty basics and of course, our phones! In addition to the size the new model provides new designs as like the Saffiano leather bags with delicate gold hinges, replacing the clunky silver hardware, and a simpler color palette of black, deep blue and nude. Similar to it’s predecessor the 2015 Everpurse will be able to give your phone a 48 hour charge while zipped in, with the new model will be able to now double your battery’s life giving it up to 96 hours of juice!

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Want a wearable that’s a little simpler, as well as sustainable? Why not try the Linou? The Linou comes in two forms, the Notification Necklace and the Wood Tech Watch, mixing technology with a sleek and natural design. This simple little gadget made from wood (black ebony timber, bamboo, or walnut), stainless steal, and sapphire and serves as notification tool linking to¬†your phone via bluetooth. The Linou vibrates as well as has different custom color alerts based on the notification. Fashion-tech guru, and designer Christopher Magick set out to create a wearable more focuses on the design.

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Memory Ring

Though the Memory Ring is adorable, this little guy really packs a punch with memory starting at 16GB with the capacity to store you digital valuables, like photos, personal, and work files. It’s fashionable as well as handy in work situations, planners can have all their files at the tips of their fingers if a crisis every arises all while looking fabulous at the same time! Though the ring still isn’t on the market, be sure to get an Early Bird Pledge on Kickstarter available for $40! This ring is not something to miss, especially with the holidays coming up!

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