10 Tips For Hosting a Flawless Outdoor Party

Summer is in full swing which means it’s all about pool parties, beach days, and enjoying the beautiful weather. ABCey knows that hosting an outdoor summer event can be tricky, but with these innovative tips, your next summer party is sure to be a hit!

1) Updated Wagon

Going to the beach, or need a Little Red Wagon?  This is the tech for you! This Sport Wagon is extremely durable with lightweight UV resistant wheels.  Moreover, it has a 5 sq foot tabletop with cup holders, utensil spots, umbrella slots, and built-in seats!  Take anything you want easily and in style with this cool and useful tool!

Sport Wagon in the sand on a beach

2) Floating Candles That Ward Off Bugs

Are buzzing bugs driving you crazy? Ward them off with these citronella candles! Added bonus: these candles are also super cute…what more could you ask for?!Bug Off floating candles

 3) Chill Wine Quickly With Ice Water and Salt

Does a sudden drink surge at your party have you frantically trying to chill beverages fast? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This awesome tip will have your wine chilled in no time, making sure you’re back to spending time with guests in a blink of an eye. Have your wine chilled asap with ice water and salt!


4) Nif-tea Lighting

Watch your event glow with this DIY tree lighting!  Simply tie some thread around battery operated tea lights and hang them on branches.  This DIY project will impress your guests and look magnificent at any outdoor event!

Tea Tree Lighting

5) Keep Drinks Cold With Frozen Water Balloons 

No one likes to drink a warm beverage. We love this awesome idea because it’s both cute and functional! Using frozen water balloons helps add a pop of color to your drink table and a fun element to your event!

Colorful frozen water balloons to help keep drinks cold!

6) Photo Booth Fun

Make sure your guests take home a memento with this easy photo booth idea! By simply hanging a giant picture frame from a tall tree, you can create your very own photo booth for your guests to enjoy. Grab a few friends and make sure you get that Instagram shot you’ve been waiting for!


DIY photo booth frame with picture frame


7) Keep It Cool

We get it, these summer months can be HOT, but why should your party guests have to suffer? A simple solution to ensure your guests stay cool is by providing fans and parasols. Not only are these super chic, but they also protect your pals from the sun! There are plenty of places to pick up some fans (or make your own), but here is a great place to start!

Fans and Parasols for outdoor event

8) Bright Backdrop

Need an easy way to decorate your outdoor party? Use fun DIY paper decorations to jazz and liven up your event.  They make great decor or a backdrop for event pictures and they only take seconds to make!  Learn how to make them here!

Paper chains decor in front of table of food

9) Set Out Sunscreen and Bug Spray

One of the most common mistakes people make when hosting an outdoor party in the peak of the summer is forgetting to put out sunscreen AND bug spray. Getting a sunburn is no fun, and nobody wants to spend their evening swatting away bugs! Plus, there are tons of cute DIY buckets to create to keep your party chic!

Bug Spray Bucket

10) Encourage Guests To Use The Same Glasses Throughout The Party

Ease your stress by keeping your guests from piling up dirty glasses all night. There are a variety of different labeling techniques to chose from, but this is one of our fave’s! All you need to do is set out the glasses with tags pre-attached, and make sure there’s something to write with nearby the bar!




Hosting an outdoor bash this summer? ABCey wants to know if you would use any of these tips, or what we missed! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and on Twitter!

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

You don’t need a holiday to have an excuse to throw a party, it’s summer and that’s enough to celebrate! The sun is out and the weather is warm! Gather up your friends and family and throw a summer bash that everyone will not be able to stop talking about.


1. A Theme

Pick a theme to center your party around. It will make food choice, refreshments and decorations much easier when you have a focus. Themes like patriotic, day at the beach and bohemian backyard are sure to be a hit. Two of our faves are fiesta and glamping! Fiesta is all about bright popping colors and there are lots of things you can incorporate like pinatas and sombreros when it comes to decor. With glamping (glam camping), you can pitch a makeshift tent as an additional seating area, start a campfire and roast smores when the sun goes down and lay down a blanket and star gaze to close out the night.

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

2. Cool Drink Station

Loose the boring old cooler filled with soft drinks and beer, and create a drinks station with punch, sangria or even have a create -your-own drink option. Set up an old fashioned lemonade stand, have a watermelon punch bowl or include fruit infused ice cubes to spice up any drink. You can prep everything before and make everything self serve so you can also enjoy the party.

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

3. Keep it cool

If your hosting an outdoor party, be sure your guests do not sizzle in the sun by providing shade. If you don’t have a covered area or umbrellas for protection, create your own shade. Hang parasols upside down among the trees, create a canvas awning or build outdoor curtains. One really easy and chic way is to enclose your space with colorful silk fabric as pictured below. Hang long sheets of fabric that go with your theme over a clothesline strung between the house and a pole in the backyard.

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

4. Outdoor evening lighting

If your hosting an outdoor evening party light up the night with some fun outdoor lighting. Hang christmas lights among the trees, string global lights over your table, set luminary bags along the walk way or line the pool with lanterns. Outdoor lighting can really elevate your outdoor summer party to the next level.

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

5. Entertainment for the kids

While your sippin on spiked lemonade, create a diversion for the kids and make sure they are having as much fun as you are. Have a water balloon war, lay out a slip n slide, set up a build your own dessert station or put on an outdoor movie during an evening party. Keep the kids busy while you’re socializing with friends.

5 Must-Haves for Your Next Summer Party

Will you be including any of these ideas at your next summer party? Let ABCey know with a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter!