Tech Tuesday: Google Glass

Tech Tuesday highlights some of the best and brightest ideas in the tech world. ABCey would like to recognize these up and coming companies for their innovative ideas and ability to think outside the box!

I remember walking around downtown San Francisco one afternoon, and I saw a guy that looked just like the guy from Star Trek. No, it wasn’t because he was wearing a black and yellow outfit. It was actually because he was wearing some weird contraption around his eyes. Turns out those are, what we call today, the Google Glass.

We’re sure you’ve seen the Google Glass, or if not, at least heard of it. However some people don’t really quite get it. Instead of being glued to your laptop or smartphone, Google wanted to create a hands-free way for people to still stay connected. However this technology isn’t without some downsides. Read on to see our breakdown of the Glass’ pros and cons.


1. Convenience: As we mentioned before, it really gives users the chance to do things such as email, text, or take pictures, without the need of pulling out their phone. Users can do those things instantaneously by pushing a button, giving verbal commands or by small head movements.

2. Multitask: How many times have you had to fumble with your navigation system to look for directions? Or, how quickly did you have to flip through your cookbook to find how much liquid to add before everything gets burned? Well now you can use the glass to find things like directions or recipes immediately, without having to take your eyes off what you’re doing.

3. Open Platform: This is really great for companies and developers that want to implement new applications and programs. Thanks to this new technology, the sky is the limit for what people can create.


1. Privacy: The video and camera could present a possibility for misuse. One could be recording someone else in a public place without them knowing.

2. Stress: Wearing the glasses all day and having the computer right in front of your eye might not be too good. This will definitely lead to social and information overload. The lack of winding down periods, like being fully disconnected from technology, is said to increase stress and anxiety in people.

3. Price: It’s estimated that these glasses will be $1,500. That’s a huge amount of money for a specific technology. Therefore not everyone will be able to get one. Fortunately the glasses are made with common parts that can be easily made in large quantities. Hopefully this will eventually help lower the starting cost of the glasses.

We think the Google Glass is a great invention. Of course it has some flaws, but the potential things we can do to change technology are endless. We’re sure the Glass would be fun to experiment with at one of our events, but for now we can’t seem to get over how ridiculous they look! What do you think about  Google Glass? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!