Startup Monday: reddit

 At times, we simply don’t feel like working. Or, we want a quick laugh from the latest meme or video that has gone viral. In these instances, we look to the internet to entertain us.  Many of you may be already be avid users of this user-generated news site, but there’s no better site to visit for these reasons than the “front page of the internet”: reddit.


Registered users can upload content to the site, where the content is then categorized under a “reddit”, or a specific area of interest. Users rank the submissions, and these rankings decide the position the post will have on the site’s page. Content that gains popularity quickly ends up on the front page. Many people use the site to share hilarious videos and pictures, but you can also find subreddits for world news, politics, gaming, and technology  as well. There are actually over 67,000 subreddits, so it would be pretty difficult to run out of content to view!

The site’s founders dealt with an interesting backlash of criticism after an SXSW panel was held specifically to discuss reddit and it’s negativity in the cyber world. Though it was made out to be the bully of the internet, reddit has proven to be a site dedicated to more than just crude jokes and insensitive users. Read more about the panel discussion and reddit’s reaction here.

Next time you’re down and need a laugh, or just need to pass the time, head to reddit and check out what their users are sharing. Let us know what you think of the site in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!