Startup Monday: Travel Planning App, Gogobot’s “GoGo This Week”

Startup Monday is ABCey’s weekly post that features some of the best and brightest companies in the Bay Area. They are often companies that we have our eye on or have worked with in the past & would like to share with friends and followers of ABCey Events!

travel planning app Gogobot

ABCey Events loves exploring and discovering San Francisco, but isn’t afraid to use travel planning apps to find out about events going on around the city too. That’s where Gogobot comes in to play. From hotels, vacation rentals, things to do and restaurants, Gogobot is a travel planning app for iOS and Android that lets you know where to go based on what city you are visiting and when you’ll be there. With more than 740,000 reviews and 4 million photos of more than 60,000 destinations around the globe, it is one of the largest sources of reviews for restaurants, hotels and attractions. Founder and CEO Travis Katz created the travel planning app to help people of all lifestyles and interests be aware of the happenings going on in their current city through recommendations by their friends and people like them. It is considered “the go-to place for places to go.”

Gogobot Tribes

Gogobot creates personalized, authentic experiences for you by highlighting places popular with people who share your tastes and interests. Once downloading the app and creating your Gogobot account, you choose travel styles or interest categories called “Tribes,” which will allow the app to match your personal style to others around you. Then you are given recommendations of sites and attractions by other people with similar interests so you know you’ll love them!

Gogo this week

Last Thursday – September 11, 2014 – Gogobot announced the addition of “GoGo This Week,” a hand-curated list of events and activities in six cities around the world: Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, Silicon Valley, London and San Francisco! Each week, when Gogobot members open their app, they will see 10 – 15 fresh, personalized recommendations of great events in their local area – from activities to festivals to restaurant openings – based on their distinct “tribes.” Users are able to tap through to learn more about each event and “Why to GoGo.” With the bookmarking feature to save events on multiple lists to check out for later, users are able to share lists with their friends who can also add events to the lists. The future goals of this travel planning app includes expanding the “GoGo This Week” feature to more cities in the coming months by bringing on editors for each city to create the hand-curated lists.

travel planning app

ABCey Events loves Gogobot’s new feature, GoGo This Week, because we are always looking for new ways to discover the fun events in San Francisco as well as showcase the events we are producing. Because Gogobot is a source of trusted travel advice for so many users, event publicity can spread at an even greater rate and can be targeted toward people who would be interested in our events!

Will you download Gogobot? What do you think of its extension, GoGo This Week? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!

5 Great Apps for Tech Conference Travel!

As the fall is quickly approaching, the girls at ABCey Events are looking forward to the many tech conferences coming to San Francisco! In preparation of the influx of travelers, we  curated a list for the best new apps to make business travel easier. This list has you covered, from clothing lists to activity locators, so you can spend time on work and fun instead of a travel mishap!


1. Packing Pro App | $2.99 iTunes Store | This app is the best packing app on the market right now! The user is able to list out all your upcoming trips and customize needed items in lists within each trip. If you are stuck on what to bring on your business trip, Packing Pro has plenty of sample lists and has a huge catalog of items to place on your packing to-do list!


2. Gate Guru | Free on iTunes & Google Play | Gate Guru will save you plenty of time and worry when at the airport next! The home screen keeps track of all of your current and future flights inputed and will give you food options and airport lounges nearest to you. The JourneyCard screen also keeps you updated with any delays, security wait times, gate changes, and more.  We highly encourage you to check this out this app to keep your airport trip as stress-free as possible!


3. Gogobot | Free on iTunes & Google Play | After a long day at a tech conference, Gogobot will lead you and friends to the greatest finds San Francisco and other cities have to offer! The app starts by having the user enter in the types of activities they typically participate in on vacation. Then it uses “tribes” which are groups of people with similar interests on the app to find places you may be interested in checking out. It also has a great locator on the app to find delicious restaurants in your same vicinity! 


4. AwayFind | Free on all email platforms | The last thing you want to worry about while away at a tech conference is unnecessary and unwanted emails bombarding you the entire day! AwayFind is here to the rescue! The program allows the user to set up in advance which emails are important and should be set to an extra alert. This way, while sitting in a meeting you are only bothered if a specific message is important and alerts you via call, text, or notification. We can’t wait to give this a try in the future with our email platform! 


5. Expensify | All Platforms | While traveling for work, it can sometimes become frustrating to save every receipt. Expensify simplifies this process when it allows you to take a photo of your receipt and it automatically enters the information into your online expense report. While on your mobile phone, it further allows the user to create and submit expense reports. The app also has great tools including flight updates, offline mode for airplanes, automatic mileage counting, and can log & bill hours. Simply put, this app has it all for everything you may need on a tech conference trip! 

Which apps will you be using at your next tech conference this fall?! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter