Tadaa is ABCey’s new favorite iOS photo-sharing and editing app. The Hamburg, Germany-based startup differentiates itself from the abundance of mobile photo-sharing apps and services with an emphasis on ‘high end’ editing features, targeted towards the more serious “iPhoneographers”.

Unlike Instagram, Tadaa has a sense of “gamification” whcih comes in the form of ‘tadaa Dollars’, a virtual currency rewarded for every like, comment, reply or re-share a user receives. The editing features are what really makes Tadaa really stand out. Firstly, the editing features are built-in and users don’t even need to join the service to use the app as a photo editor.  Additionally, lighting, contrast, and saturation can be adjusted, while upload image resolution remains high (1600 PX max), which the company claims is around three times higher than Instagram.

Incredibly, after adding Instagram import just over two weeks ago, the startup says that over 3 million photos have been imported from Facebook-owned Instagram. In that same period of time, the app garnered nearly 500,000 new users, bringing the total registered user base to just shy of 2 million.

Even though I love using Instagram, I decided to download Tadaa to try it out. It definitely takes some getting used to, but the quality of editing is significantly superior and I am keeping it! (sorry Insta!) What do you think of this app? Do you plan on downloading it and experimenting? Let us know below in a comment or on Facebook & Twitter!