Are you getting noticed? And by that we don’t mean your latest outfit. Your ad is competing for attention against publicity efforts by hundreds of different companies.  Today at ABCey, we’re featuring Sticky, a startup that measures the effectiveness of ads by using special eye technology.

Sticky not only notifies advertisers about whether an ad was fully rendered and served but also whether or not the consumer actually saw the ad. Its selling point is being able to distinguish between viewable ads, which simply means has the opportunity to be seen, and verified impressions — ads that were most literally seen. Furthermore, Sticky can determine how much money needs to be spent in order to reach views by 1000 pairs of eyes and offers ad campaign recommendations to help you achieve your needed goal. Its objective, writes Sticky, is to improve the “digital planning and buying decisions on true branding performance.”

This could revolutionize how marketers and advertisers develop future content and strategies. What do you think? Could you “see” yourself utilizing Sticky’s services? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter