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They say people are creatures of habit. We tend to eat at the same place, watch shows at the same theater, exercise at the same park. Once we get comfortable doing the same thing, it only becomes that much harder to try something new. This is where the newest RAVN app comes in handy.

RAVN lets users discover the best events going on in their city. The wonderful thing about this app is that it has a handpicked database of over 20,000 upcoming events. We say handpicked, meaning the employees actually go out and search for the most interesting events located in your city. Therefore this provides users a diverse selection of events to choose from, such as attending a movie in the park or participating in a local marathon.

Unfortunately there is no search function within this app. That means events can only be found chronologically. Once users find an event they’re interested in, they can “like” that event and add it to their Wishlist. They will also have the ability to see who else liked that event. This can help them see which are the most popular, or which ones their friends want to attend. The more often certain events are liked, the more personalized the app becomes. Eventually it will filter out events that are not interesting to the user.

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