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What do you get when an engineer, a web developer, and a DJ walk into a room? An app that takes music sharing to the next level. Meet, your next app store download! addresses the problem many of us didn’t even know we had. Between all of the music databases, websites, and filters designed to make finding new, non-mainstream music easier, we still rarely ever filter through the noise to discover our favorite new songs. 

This app promises to scour the web to bring you a selection of music personalized for you. How is this done? When you log in through Facebook, sees your friends and determines which of them share your taste in music. You also choose to follow playlists created by the app, like “Swag” and “Fresh.” The app gets all the dirt on you and delivers a playlist from famous DJ’s, music fans, and music from your friends. is helping to bring music sharing and promoting into the social and social media age. Yes, we have Spotify and Pandora, but we hate their ads. is ad-free and has no royalty fees, which makes easy listening that much easier. Plus, you can download as much free music as you wish onto your mobile device! 

Because supports amateur and professional DJ’s, you’ll hear tomorrow’s hits first. Improvements to the app, like a music-mixing feature, are on their way! Are you ready to become a DJ?

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