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Group Chat and Instant Messaging for Companies

Hall is a social app that brings your team together. You can chat, share files, and create groups with people both in and out of your company. Businesses can easily send and receive messages one-on-one or in groups with users who are in- and out-of-network which erases the need to constantly check your work email.

Group Text and Instant Messaging for Companies

Another feature of Hall is the ability to integrate other services, such as Dropbox, Jenkins, and Hubot, so you can check out what’s happening on online services all in one place.

Hall, Group Text and Instant Message for Companies

Why We Love Hall: Hall is not only FREE, but it is accessible anytime, anywhere! You can access it from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and the Web because it syncs across all devices. It’s perfect for events because we can easily communicate with our client and send messages to all of our staff in the blink of an eye, no matter what device we’re on! We’re not the only ones who love Hall as Intuit, VH1, Zynga, NetApp,, and JCPenny are loving the product too!

group chat and instant message for companies

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Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac , Windows, Linux and Web