Startups, startups, startups! 2013 was booming as more and more startups hit the market! Have you checked out who is up for nomination at the 7th Annual Crunchies Awards? There are tons of great companies being recognized for their amazing work, and we would like to acknowledge one that is truly applicable to our everyday lives. 

Good Eggs originated in the  San Francisco Bay Area,  and connects you to local farmers and foodmakers. You can shop for local and fresh groceries of your choice, and it will be delivered right to your door. As a recent newcomer to the Bay Area, I don’t always know the best places to do my grocery shopping and want farmer’s market quality food.  Aside from their excellent products, great delivery, do-able pick-up hours, and fantastic service, the prices are affordable.  

Here are a few of the awesome things Good Eggs has to offer:

1. Good Eggs city marketplaces support independent local farmers and foodmakers. These producers use sustainable practices and make their food with care. You can see who made your food, learn more about them, and contact them directly if you’d like.  

2. Good Eggs carries food you can’t find anywhere else. Meals come from top independent chefs, you can find gluten-free anything, and baby food is made to order! This startup is able to support smaller foodmakers who can’t sell into grocery stores because their food is too fresh to live among the grocery store inventory.

3.  Local food is better for everybody. The Good Eggs producers are using fair labor practices on their lands, caring for their animals, and producing food that is significantly healthier for you to eat. As more money goes towards locally-owned businesses, the more local food will become easily accessible. 

4. Good Eggs Gifting is now available. Gift cards, boxes, and orders are great ways to share with friends and families. Allow your loved ones to pick out foods of their own, or send a box or care package that will be made for them!

How convenient is it to have your food delivered right to your door? It’s cheaper than the chain natural food supermarkets, and the local and fresh food is sure to be a hit! This startup provides a win-win for shoppers, local economies, and the environment.

It’s great for personal grocery shopping and shopping for a group! If your planning an event and need a few last minute items, don’t fret! You can order directly from Good Eggs and they will provide you with what you need.

Here at ABCey, we absolutely love what Good Eggs has to offer! Give it a try, and if you love it as much as we do, spread the word! Let us know what you think of Good Eggs, nominated in the Best E-Commerce Application category, in the comments section below or on Facebook & Twitter!