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Out with the old and in with the new! To start the new year off right, we want to help you lead a more productive life by tackling one unproductive nuisance: clutter.

Our living and working spaces are constantly full of so much junk and clutter. We tend to accumulate more stuff than we need, buying more and getting rid of less. Oftentimes, we either let the clutter continue to pile up or we resort to donating everything. Figuring out the how and where to sell our items is such a hassle and with our busy lives, we just don’t have the time. Today, we’re highlighting Gone, a startup that will resale, recycle and upcycle all of your old junk. Gone Concierge Box Logo2


Gone is a concierge service that makes selling your unwanted items a whole lot easier. They manage all the logistics of the entire selling process so that you don’t have to and they unsure that all of your items get sold for the best possible value.



Once you decide what items you wish to sell, you can either upload a pic into the app or through a text message. Gone will then pick up the items at the location of your choice.


After inspecting the items, Gone will set a selling price and list it for sale within 1-5 business days. In order to get the best bang for your buck, they analyze transactions from around the world in order to determine the proper market prices. The marketplace that they use to sell the items depends on the demand and average price for said item.

Gone Concierge app image2


After your items are packaged, Gone will contact buyer, negotiate a deal and ship your items. You are able to monitor this entire process within the app!



Gone makes the payment process easy by allowing you to choose from several options: check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. After they deduct costs for preparing items for sale (inspection, pricing, postage and packing materials), they charge a commission of 7%-15% depending on the demand of the item. You’ll then receive payment within one to several weeks of sale.

Gone Concierge app payment image


If, for whatever reason, your items don’t sell within 90 days, they’ll either send the items back to you or extend the selling period for another 90 days. When needed, Gone can arrange a tax write-off for donations and even recycled items.

We love how Gone has revolutionized online selling, helping to make your life easier, clutter-free, and more productive.


Thinking about using this service the next time you have items that need to be sold? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!