We all have had that annoying and frustrating experience while on our mobile phones… when a particular web-page we try to view just won’t load properly, is a tiny version of the desktop website or  the formatting is all wrong!  This week, we are excited to feature DudaMobile, a simple mobile website builder that offers features geared toward small businesses including one-click site conversion, auto-sync between the regular site and mobile site, click-to-call widget, mobile maps and site analytics. 

Having a mobile site is becoming a necessity. As reported recently in CNET News, almost 1/3 of all Internet search traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets. “In some categories, such as restaurant search, mobile already accounts for that share of search. And in several categories important to advertisers — electronics, beauty, finance, and autos — mobile searches are rapidly climbing.”

Cliff Sarkin, Duda’s Director of Operations tells us, “as more and more people search and browse the web on their mobile devices, businesses are stepping up their game to get in front of their customers by having a mobile presence. Duda is knocking down hurdles by making mobile websites easy to build and cost effective.”

At ABCey, we’ve just created our new mobile site and found our experience with Duda to be quick and fun!  And, we love the results!  Check it out below — and on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

While they do offer a custom build option, DudaMobile is primarily a DIY (do-it-yourself) website maker.  You can create your mobile site in 3 fairly simple steps which we pictured below.  Once in the editor, you can choose from a large selection of templates and pallets, and there are lots of ways to customize your own design.

DudaMobile was first launched as a white label platform in 2010; now it is a self-service website builder.  They now host more than 3.2 million mobile sites, with the addition of 100,000 sites monthly!

Our favorite advantage of using Duda is that their patented auto-sync technology keeps your mobile site automatically updated, reflecting any changes made to your original website with zero maintenance necessary. How much does it cost?  Only $9/mo.  They also have a free offering (with limited features and banner ads).

What are your thoughts on DudaMobile?  Let us know if  you’ll get mobilized with Duda in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter.