At ABCey, we’ve seen parties and celebrations lead to the downfall of many — a hangover downfall that is. Recently, we discovered drinkwel, “the multivitamin for people who drink.” Formulated by two doctors, drinkwel is made primarily from milk thistle, amino acids, superfruits, vitamin B-complex and vitamin C.  Its unique combination of ingredients promises to replenish nutrients and help your body process alcohol induced toxins.

drinkwel is designed to be a daily multivitamin, but its website says it is not necessary  to take it everyday. You can take one serving of drinkwel before you drink and one before you go to bed and you should feel the benefits. Taking a glance at its product reviews on Amazon, it looks as though when people take drinkwel they do feel significantly better than they normally do after a night of drinking.

As event planners, we would love to recommend this product to our clients! Have you tried drinkwel yet? Let us know about your drinkwel experience in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter.