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Bizzabo is an event planning platform site that simplifies the managing process for event planners! It contains many features to boost sales and keep ticketing, emails, agendas, networking, etc. of an event organized! Through ticket sales and access to social media, Bizzabo allows individuals to not only plan, but create buzz for their event! Agendas and emailing features also add to the convenience by keeping all important dates and documentation under one threshold.




“Own Your Event” is the motto at Bizzabo and their goal is to cater to your event the way that you envision it. It doesn’t just stop at promoting an event. Bizzabo encourages users to build better relationships and a successful website to bring in clientele and maximize opportunity!

Here’s some top reasons why Bizzabo is great for event planning:

It helps…

1. Build Your Website

2. Promote and Sell Tickets

3. Expand Your Community

4. Mobilize Your Event Planning Experience

Bizzabo is the perfect platform for your customized event planning needs! Would you use Bizzabo to help plan your next event? Let us know with a comment or message us on Facebook or Twitter!