As summer BBQs and outdoor events reach their peak, you may find yourself ready to throw your own outdoor event! Remember ABCey’s list of 10 essential outdoor event items that are easily overlooked.

1. Permits | Whether your event is in a park, campgrounds, or even in your own yard, sometimes permits and restrictions you never new existed are lurking! Get all the facts before you start playing loud music or starting fires, even on the grill. 

2. Speakers | You never know the difference a little music makes until it’s there! Products like Jambox are lightweight, easy to carry, and connect wirelessly to your iPod. Bring the party with you wherever you go!

3. Blankets and Chairs | Chairs are bulky to carry and blankets can be an afterthought, but these items make a world of difference! Not only do they give guests a space to sit and enjoy, they make your get-together look more official. Plus, your group is easy to spot from across the park!

4. Lighting | As the event moves into evening, you’ll need a seamless way to keep the party going strong! Use candles, tea lights, or lanterns as decorations and centerpieces during the day for an easy transition into nighttime fun!

5. Bug Zappers | The weather is hot, and there will be bugs. If no one wants to use bug spray, outfit your space with citronella candles designed to keep mosquitos away. No one likes getting bit!

6. Shade | Sun is definitely fun, but there should be options for people in need of a little escape. In addition to guest sunscreen, set up large umbrellas or tents for any shade seekers. They’re also useful in the (unfortunate) event of bad weather!

7. Water | Nobody ever brings enough water! If you’re outside for a couple hours, your body is losing even more fluid than usual. Keep that in mind when buying supplies.

8. First Aid Kit | Kids scrape knees, people need aspirin, and someone always seems to need a bandaid! Keep a medical kit, even a little one, on hand just in case.

9. Weights | Can you picture the wind sending all the napkins into a flurry? Prevent it by bringing your own table weights to weigh down tablecloths, paper plates, and anything else in danger. Weights can be anything from rocks to ready-made ones from a party store.

10. Solemates | Sometimes, a girl just needs her heels. Walk over grass, dirt, and mud easily with Solemates, a plastic cover that slips over your heel to protect you from sinking and staggering. 

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