The dynamic event industry enables ABCey to keep an eye on unique event startups that will help create an unforgettable experience! Here are five of our favorites that can inspire you to start planning your next occasion.

1. EventWithWhen planning an event, it can be overwhelming to determine who handles each task. With collaborative planning on the rise, this user-friendly service assists you in deciding when the event will take place, who brings what, and the budgeting needs. Specific features include the division of group lists and tasks in a timely fashion! Check out how it works by watching the video: EventWith – What is it all about?

2. BoomsetGuest list check-in becomes a lot simpler with this innovative service! Forget long lines, now you can check guests in within seconds. Additional services offered include badge printing, and an opportunity to make a donation right then and there through Stripe or Paypal. Pricing is quite affordable for the services you will be provided with!

3. TableCrowd: If you are new to a city, industry, or hobby, it can be tough to find others that are alike. Find those with common interests by meeting and eating! It is simple to start a table, and all you have to do is a pick a restaurant and theme. The service will tell members all about it, and you can also invite friends! Options to join a table that already has a set location and theme is another easy option.

4. Developing the seating chart for an event can be a daunting task. Make your seating chart in a fun and simple way! This service provides an online seating chart drawing tool that can create rows and automatic seat numbering. With the click of the mouse, guests can choose their own seating. The seating charts are also available on any smartphone device for your guests to have full access to!

5. SlideKlowdPresentations can serve as important elements at events. In order to keep your audience engaged, share your slides to any device! Real-time audience responses can be captured, allowing you to follow up with your participants and create an interactive environment. Guests can ask questions and submit comments for you to respond to. Presenters also have the ability to monitor attention levels and receive direct feedback from their audience!

These 5 event startups can bring innovation to your next event and make it stand out amongst others! Which would you use to leave a lasting impression?! Let us know in the comments below or  on Facebook & Twitter