ABCey Events: Highlight Videos FromThroughout the Years!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth millions! ABCey has gathered 6 of our favorite videos from past events that we’d love to share!

1Brit + Co |Re:Make | October 4th-5th, 2013 | Fort Mason Festival Pavillion | Whether it’s related to making a recipe, an outfit, a craft, or an app, today’s generation is re-inventing what it means to “make.” On October 5th, Brit+Co hosted their first RE:MAKE event, the ultimate conference for the maker generation!

2. Black Jet SF Launch Party | February 14th, 2013 | Union Square| On Valentine’s Day, ABCey had the pleasure of producing the BlackJet San Francisco Launch Party. If you’re not familiar with BlackJet, think of it as the “Uber for Private Jets.” It’s an online service and phone app that connects travelers with the reliability and convenience of a private jet with prices close to that of premium commercial carriers!

3. SpiderOak Presents: Penetralia 2013 | February 25th, 2013 | Bluxome St. Winery| We are very excited to have produced this innovative INVITE ONLY event, hosted by SpiderOak and Silent Circle; two great companies that are passionate about privacy in the Internet Age. It was an interactive event to think about, understand and discuss the evolution of privacy and technology. It ran on the 1st day of the RSA Conference that was held at the Moscone Center on February 25th-March 1st.

4. Razorfish | December 10th, 2012 | Mighty| ABCey Events helped Razorfish celebrate the holidays with a casino themed bash!  Razorfish is one of the world’s largest interactive agencies, providing services to its clients in the realms of digital advertising and content creation, media buying, strategic counsel, analytics, technology and user experience. 

5. Skinceuticals/L’Oreal | February 24th- March 3rd, 2012 | San Francisco & Los Angeles|  ABCey Events produced and managed an 8-day PR and Media Event here in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Skincueticals/ L’Oreal hosted 10 of the top editors from major publications in China such as Elle, Marie, Claire, Vogue, Bazaar and Femina. We worked closely with the L’Oreal NYC team to coordinate air travel, hotels, transportation, meetings,private dinners, activities/tours, and helped them get into the hottest restaurants that both these cities had to offer!

6.  BoxTone’s INspired Tour and Launch party for World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) | Sunday, June 9th, 2010 | Mezzanine| This event, hosted by BoxTone in conjunction with the Apple Developers Conference showcased a mod style museum explaining the history of Apple technology, including the original working Apple 1 & 2 computers. 

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The 5 Innovative Ways to use Apps in Event Planning

When it comes to event planning, technology can either help you or set you back a few paces. ABCey has hand-selected the apps we find most useful when we’re putting on your flawless event. These apps are great for any occasion but have found their long-lost calling in the event planning world!


1. Get Together Remotely | Whether you’re across town or across the country, it’s near impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Get through the planning process with ease by downloading a conference call app like UberConference! This app is free, customizable, and lets you send files from Evernote and Box through the call. That’s what we call multitasking! 

2. Be a Task Master | To-do lists are great, but having a communal to-do list is even better! Skip the Post-it note and create a list that’s on your computer, your phone, and all your colleagues’ devices. We suggest Wunderlist because you can invite others to collaborate on tasks and check the group’s progress in the activity center. 

3. Track it Down | Sometimes, an emergency coffee run is just necessary. Keep track of all the little out-of-pocket expenses piling up with XpenseTracker. This app holds photos of receipts and describes each expense in detail. After the event, the app uploads the expenses to your computer in Excel format.

4. Be the Bouncer | The guest list is one of the most integral parts of event planning and production- you have to keep your guests happy! The Attendium app makes sure you never skip a beat from downloading guest lists from Excel and e-mail to making sure staff, VIPs, and attendees feel welcome and taken care of.

5. Stay in Command | While a walkie-talkie app may sound unnecessary (and dated,) Voxer is worth a download before your event begins. With the ability to send and save voice messages as well as texts, it’s the only live push-to-talk app where you’ll never miss a message. Your coworkers will thank you in advance!

Which app would be most helpful to you? Tell us in a comment or on Facebook and Twitter!

5 Creative Ways to use Social Media at your Next Event

People have been using social media to spread the word about their events for a while now, and ABCey thinks it’s time for a make-over! Follow our fun and effective tips that use technology to make your next event the very best it can be! 


1. Facebook Invitations with a Twist | Creating a Facebook event is so blah. Spice it up with a picture of you and the event details and tag your friends! These pictures combine the personal and creative feel of a handmade invitation with the accessibility of social media. 

2. Share What You Want | Using apps like the Scan & Add app from Gift Registry 360 allow you to update your gift registry at any time. If you see something you like, scan the barcode with your phone! The item will automatically appear on your registry and shared with your guests. 

3. Use a Photo Booth that Tweets | Guests will have a blast with Keshot, a photo booth that uses an iPad for guests to sent their photos at your event to their personal social media accounts. You can also customize the photobooth background to your event’s specific needs, like adding a corporate logo. Everyone loves to share their photos online, so make it fun for them!

4. InstaContest | Have guests send their best photos of your live event to your event’s personal Instagram page. Your guests will vote with their “likes,” and the winner can receive a special party favor during the event! This is a great way to keep guests interested in the party and appreciate your beautiful decorations! 

5. Tap a Thank-You | Instead of sending another e-card, use Felt, an iPad app that sends your hand-written cards to all your friends. Use the app to write or draw inside the card template and address the envelope. The card comes from the printer with your personal messages ready for delivery. This app is perfect for large events because it eliminates hand cramping after 500 thank-you notes!

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Illuminode: Mind Glowing Social Technology

Are you looking for something to “brighten up” your next event? Let us introduce you to Illuminode, where lighting meets art, technology and a completely new type of media for socializing. Illuminode creates full-spectrum, interactive LED illumination for fashion, brands, events, artists, architects and beyond. Since we’re fairly concerned with events over here at ABCey, we thought would look into it more for you...

They aren’t just creating “pretty lights” for an event; their initiative is to create a new way for devices to connect and communicate wirelessly to form social relationships the same way that people do. The Illuminode team consists of  electrical engineers, logistics specialists, and designers who create these large scale social technologies. One of their first prototypes and one of our favorites are the “Social Umbrellas.” The LED umbrellas are inherently social and will not work alone. When joined by two or more noded umbrellas they explode in a brilliant display of sequenced light!

We also absolutely love the Billion Jelly Bloom projects where Illuminode integrates their wireless Blinkternet modules into the wonderful creatures to provide a brand new interactive experience!

Illuminode devices should have particular appeal to event planners with their easy and simple set-up. Do you think you will try this “mind-glowing social technology” for your next event? How do you think your audience/guests could use these devices to interact, or to help facilitate and reinforce relationships? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!

Make Your Event a Stress-less Success!

Every event needs organization. Without it, we are stuck with a stressful mess of ideas, plans and an abundance of information. The best way to keep everything in order, is to incorporate technology into the event planning, and event itself. ABCey has adapted an article from Collaborate Meetings Magazine, who featured PlannerTech by Liz King of Liz King Events and Josh Gooch, elaborating on a list of some event planning tools to help you keep your cool.

1. EventFarm is an all in one ticketing service. They provide a variety of options for your attendees and for you as well! Their distribution process is comprehensive and even allows for ticket block distribution and progress tracking. Payment is simple and convenient, and registration/check-in can be modified by you- with the ability to ask registration questions, show seating arrangement options, as well as request entree selection. Along with ticketing features, also come promo codes, waiting lists, arrival alerts, and even the ability to create name tags/badges.


2. Social Tables is a sophisticated option for important details like venue mapping, making  general processes more efficient, streamlining the check-in process and communication. This service also allows for real-time collaboration among team members, as well as in depth seat mapping. They have received funding from 500 Startups and even gained the business of the 1,300 attendee Latin Grammy’s- a shocker to CEO Dan Berger. Congrats!


3. Hubb is a cloud based CMS which gives attendees, speakers and planners the ability to create personalized schedules, interact with one another and provides one location to view all social information associated with the event on a “community wall”. The mobile integration allows for real-time updates- making sure no one is left sitting in the wrong room.


4. Bizzabo helps planners make (and attendees get) the most out of an event. This service also allows everyone to receieve up to date info and help networking opportunities. It’s easy to use and allows for the much needed interaction before, during and after the event. As of now, its free to event planners and attendees, but in the future Bizzabo will provide some outlets for event organizers to gain extra revenue. 

5. Splash is a great tool to use to create an awesome and original event page, which lets you select a location, time and also serves as an invitation. You can take care of aspects like generating a budget, creating one-sheets and overall brainstorming, as well as tracking RSVPs and VIPs in real time. Pictures can be posted to the event page afterwards using a #hashtag!

Which of these services or apps have your tried to help techify your event and streamline those somewhat complicated tasks ? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook & Twitter.