Startup Monday is ABCey’s weekly post that showcases some of the most innovative San Francisco startups! These are selected from a list of companies that we LOVE or have worked with in the past. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Workday!

What is Workday

Workday App

Workday is a free cloud-based business management platform founded in 2005. It specializes in people resource management and financial management. It is an effective and affordable system for tracking employees and developing a globally manageable company structure.

How it works

Workday caters to two main end users: employers and employees.

As an employer, you can use this app to track expenses and/or assign new tasks to your team. You can also view your employees’ profiles and provide performance feedback.

As an employee, you can complete administrative tasks such as clocking in and out, tracking your pay, and requesting time off, all in one app.

Why we love it

Workday mobile

We love Workday because it makes business management within an organization so much easier! Users can have access to work related applications and data on-the-go. What I love the most is that paycheck mistake, scheduling discrepancies can be easily detected and fixed in a timely manner. And, with the touch ID and Face ID features, users don’t need to worry about the safety of the information.

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