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ABCey Presents: Eco-Friendly Event Favors Your Guests Will Love!

In this past year, people are more conscious of how wasteful they are, and sometimes events are not the most environmentally friendly. ABCey recognizes this environmental concern and wanted to showcase some great eco-friendly event favors that your attendees will adore!

Plotted PlantsEco-friendly Potted Plants

You can’t go wrong with these adorable plotted plants! There are so many options: succulents for a low-maintenance plant, flowers for a pop of color, or herbs for a fragrant smell! You can also dress up your potted plants and write on a label, so your guests won’t forget where it’s from!


Plantable Invitations

Eco-Friendly Plantable Invitations

If you are sending out invitations, why not let it do some good? You can print your invitations on seed-embedded paper! Your guests can plant your invitation and in a couple weeks, they’ll have a sprout to commemorate your wonderful event! If you’re in a creative mood, you can also make your own!


Birdseed FavorsEco-Friendly Birdseed Favors

These birdseed favors are the perfect way to thank your guests and to treat the birds! With these party favors, your guests can hang them on trees and watch birds fly nearby for a sweet little snack. Also, it’s easy to make and can be cut into a variety of shapes!


Mini Honey Jars

Eco-Friendly Mini jars of honey

This cute jar of honey from a local beekeeper is a wonderful event favor! After finishing the honey, guests can use the jar to store other foods! Moreover, all aspects of the gift is either recyclable or biodegradable!


Homemade Soaps

Eco-Friendly Homemade Soap

There are so many options for natural and vegan soaps! Attach a little thank you note to it, and your guests are sure to love it. Soaps have a long shelf life and without a bottle, it’s great for the environment!


What’s your favorite eco-friendly event favor?


Have you gotten any eco-friendly party favors you love? Do you have any ideas of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!


If you’re looking for ways to make your event more eco-friendly, ABCey has curated a list of ideas for upcycled event decor that we love and are sure to look amazing!


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