Ever get tired of the same old menu for parties? ABCey has three food bar ideas that are sure to put a new spin on party food and make your taste buds scream “thank you”! The first two ideas are especially great for any event where little ones are invited!


1. Waffle Bar

Waffles are a fan favorite. For your next brunch event, make things easy on yourself by having your own waffle bar! The batter can be made a day ahead and you can just leave a waffle-maker plugged in so guests can help themselves. This is sure to be a delicious crowd pleaser!

food bar waffles


2. Mac-n-Cheese Bar

Who doesn’t love mac-n-cheese? There are so many fun things to add to the cheesy goodness, the possibilities are endless! Our favorites are truffle shavings and some crispy bread crumbs!

Food Bar mac n cheese


3. Oyster Bar

For those who are having a fancier affair, or just love these little guys, an oyster bar can be a big hit! This one does require a bit more planning, but it will be worth it! These refreshing bites are perfect for those summer get togethers!

food bar oysters


food bar aw shucks

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