ABCey Events is counting down the two weeks until The Crunchies in San Francisco on January 31. Have you been voting for your favorite Finalists? I’m sure the Finalists for Best E-Commerce Application are counting on your vote. Who are they? Let’s find out: 

Fab – Fab is a great design e-commerce site with smartphone app that helps people discover everyday design products at discounted prices. Fab offers everything from vintage apparel to vintage commerative collectibles to decorate your home. It’s great inspiration for interior decorators, fashionistas and DIY project fans. Check this site out to bring some bright colors, cool designs and pizzazz to your life. We love it because it gives great ideas for event decorations and goody-bags.

HotelTonight – HotelTonight is a great smartphone app that lets you book your hotel room at the very last minute (until 2am that same day) for a great deal. Obviously, this is ideal for last-minute planners/deal hunters as well as the hotel industry looking for a way to minimize their room stock. Event planners can recommend this app to event attendees who are looking for flexibility in finding accommodations.

Karma/Facebook Gifts – Last May Facebook acquired the gift app Karma and transformed it into Facebook Gifts. Facebook Gifts is great for two reasons: 1) It allows you to send a last-minute gift in a pinch 2) You don’t need to know your friend’s shipping address in order to send them a gift. Facebook Gifts does all the work by verifying the recipient’s shipping address. There are definitely people who hate shopping but who do love to give gifts – this streamlines the process for them. Next time you’re invited to an event on Facebook, go ahead and send your host/hostess an early gift with Facebook Gifts!

Warby Parker – Just three years, the two founders were selling their glasses from a loft in Philadelphia and now, they are everywhere! There’s very little to say about Warby Parker other than we love their glasses! (I am wearing them right now.) Before Warby Parker came along, I’m sure most people would not have thought it would be easy, convenient or SMART to shop for glasses on the Internet. These days, it’s almost hard to believe you wouldn’t go straight to them to purchase glasses since Warby Parker has made it so simple with their Home Try-Ons, flat rate pricing and free shipping.

Zulily – Sometimes when I stare jealously at a little girl’s cute outfit, I think to myself, “That must be from Zulily.” This is a great all-in-one shopping site marketed toward Moms. Zulily smartly targets Moms, who usually have the greatest shopping power in the household, to shop their flash daily deals for themselves but also provide an outlet to look for their babies and kids. Moms do not have to look any further than Zulily to outfit (the younger half of) their household. 

Are you big fans of these e-Commerce sites? Who are you voting for? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!