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Trends in the Twitterverse

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Twitter recently posted “Top Twitter Trends of 2009”; which shows that in 2009, Tweeters tweeted about just about anything. Twitter conversations, issues and dialogues spanned from Obama’s inaugural speech, to Harry Potters, Susan Boyle and beyond.

So on any given day in 2010, how can an individual tweeter hope to know exactly what is happening in the Twitterverse? The answer? Trending hashtags! Hashtags are tags that consolidate tweets on a particular topic so trending hashtags show the main topics that are occupying Twitter at any particular moment.

You may look at the results for 2009 Twitter trends and think…er…What is the point of looking at trending hashtags if it only confirms the enormous ground covered each day by tweets? We’ll tell you: This way, we can be involved in dialogues that matter – we can see what Tweeters are mainly interested in and jump right on the bandwagon.  Of course, due to the nature of Twitter, tweets that matter are forever changing. In order to be ahead of the game, or at least fast on its heels, check out It shows the currently trending hashtags for tweets and if it can, dishes out a brief description as well.

So, today we will leave you with the tending hashtags as of this moment in 2010: They are (drumroll) #nowplaying, #meant4directmessage, #ThingsYouDontSay, #willgetyourejected, #uksnow, #whatsfunnierthan. All of these a testament to the vibe of 2010 in the wake of the festive holidays: Completely irreverent and nothing to do with turkey.

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