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TV Tuesday: StartupBus and Cerealize

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TV Tuesday: StartupBus and Cerealize

Buses, four days, and a bunch of hacker-entrepreneurs.  This is the recipe for StartupBus, a competition that takes place on the road to SXSW.  Groups from around the country competed to create one great startup to present at SXSW.  In this unusual hackathon, all the work is done from their bus, which gave them about four days to bring their ideas to life.  Upon arrival in Austin, the groups presented their web apps to a group of potential investors.

This years winner? Cerealize.  Its a way to make your own delicious breakfast cereal and then have it shipped right to your home.  Get some puffed quinoa with almonds or mini cookies with blueberries, then name it and design the box. They estimate that the boxes will sell at $8 for a 16 oz., and there will be an option for having your creation delivered regularly.  Not surprisingly, they aren’t shipping yet since they only came up with the idea a few weeks ago, but go ahead and get your pre-order in now! We’re a fan of this TechCrunch inspired box:

Will you be having your cereal delivered regularly? Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments or find us on Twitter.

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