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5 Sites and Apps To Help You Create The Perfect Table Plan

Posted by Cecilie Wrye

5 Sites and Apps To Help You Create The Perfect Table Plan

It’s the dreaded task.  You have finished the invites, lined up the vendors, and now the unavoidable….time to make the seating chart.  We know how much hard work goes into creating the best seating chart. Here at ABCey, we are dedicated to making things easier for all you party planners out there!  We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite apps and sites that will help make this task a bit less daunting.

1. Perfect Table Plan: Perfect Table Plan just released V.4, their new table planning software that allows you to import your attendee list directly from excel. You can easily drag and drop attendee’s names into chairs while placing the tables and chairs exactly where you want them.  This software can be used for any party size and has over thirty new improvements ($35 to download).

2. Smart Seat: This iPhone app allows you to drag and drop attendees pictures into a grid-like seating chart.  Since this app is originally used by teachers, it also acts as flashcards so you can learn all your attendees names and faces! When you are finished making the chart you can download it into a PDF file. Designed for both iPhone and iPad for only $3.99.

3. Wedding Wire: Although this site says it is for weddings, it can be used for any event!  You can easily drag your guests right into their seats, design your floor plan, then share, print, or email the floor plan to collaborators. Can you guess the best part about this seating plan program? Its FREE!

4. Simple Seating: This simple site allows you to easily organize your seating chart by the drag-n-drop method.  Simple Seating is one of the simpler programs and all you need is a mouse and a web browser! The software can be used for events up to 350 people and it is free to use the basic program.

5. Seating Arrangement:  This site offers free software so you can manage and organize the perfect seating chart. Design the floor plan, manage the guest list, assign seating, and generate reports!  No downloading needed.

Thinking of using any of these sites or apps to create the perfect table plan? Did we miss any? Let us know in our comments or find us on Twitter!

  • Dan Berger

    I’m surprised our startup, Social Tables (, didn’t make the cut. Something tells me we’ll be number one when our new version comes out later this month – it’s going to rock the event planning world :)

    • Amanda Cey

       So sorry we missed you guys. You have an awesome site- think Social Tables was just overlooked somehow. Bummer!!

    • Rob

      Sorry Dan, but socialtables for individual one time user is too expensive. And the cheapest plan doesn’t even allow to do seating chart, which is the whole point of someone trying to use it. However, your app has one of the best UI.

      • Dan Berger

        I understand where you’re coming from, Rob. Thank you for the feedback since we’re always looking to improve. Based on what we’ve seen, people are willing to pay a premium for well designed products and customer service, which is part of the reason our pricing works the way it does.

        • Heather Sammut

          Well the exorbitant cost is exactly why we didn’t choose it for my company.

  • Adam Leyton

    This is a great article Amanda and a good summary of some of the wonderful seating planning applications that are available. So many soon-to-be couples and event planners don’t even realise that such solutions exist and it’s really great to see them being reviewed.

    Like Dan, I was also slightly disappointed not to see our own seating planning software ( mentioned here. Although we’re possibly not all that visible in the United States, I believe we offer a great application and since our launch in 2007 we’ve helped plan the seating at events in over 70 countries around the world!

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