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Startup Monday: GroupMe Gets It

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Startup Monday: GroupMe Gets It

You probably heard something about GroupMe at SXSW, and it might’ve been about the grilled cheese eating contest that occured at their booth.  Since their debut a year ago, they’ve been aquired by Skype, but they want us to know that they haven’t changed much. Yes, it is a group messaging service, and no, this isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but it is worth checking out.  We love it because it isn’t another social network to check into, but a practical, organizational, and helpful app for when you want to text a group of people.

Simply set up groups in the app with the contacts already in your phone and start chatting, planning, and sharing.  You can share your location and pictures with your group using any type of phone that texts. Why would event planners care? They have plenty of little things to worry about. Well it makes for a great way to communicate with your team as you get closer to an event.  Email is necessary in the planning stages, but GroupMe allows you to communicate last minute changes, day-of decisions, and anything else that comes up.  Plus, you can plan that group getaway trip with your friends right in the same app.

How would you use GroupMe? Would it be helpful for your business? Alleviate your communication overload? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter?

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